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Play Havoc on Lebron James/Mick Boogie Mixtape

If you have been involved with Columbus Hip Hop for more than 2 years, you prolly know DJ Sleepyhead. I remember seeing him and Drastic spin records at Millenium over by the Lennox like 6 Years ago. It was funny cause Millenium would turn into a gay afterhours at like 2:30. So if you got too engrossed in conversation, and didn’t pay attention to the time, the setting would change from Hip Hop heads to gay men in a matter of minutes. Cause rap fans tend to not be feeling gay culture not so much they would dip with a quickness. That wasn’t Sleepyhead’s main gig. But I always remember that night.

Anyway, Sleepyhead is in a Cleveland rap group called Play Havoc. They have a song called “Witness” on the new Mick Boogie/Lebron Mix cd that is promoting the release of the New Lebron 5 Shoe.

MP3: Mick Boogie/LeBron/NikeMixtape


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Play Havoc: Witness