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East Village Radio’s Max Wowch Dejays at Moral Tales Saturday

The one song I know for sure that will be not played at Moral Tales is Purple Pills by D12.  Which is unfortunate. But I think that resident DJ’S Gaybar and True Skills(Who is in the newspaper this week) mainly focus on debonair and  elegant dance musics. I would possibly be able to convince DJ Detox that the only rap song of the night should be Eminem’s ode to XTC. But Detox is in Winnipig  doing whatever the fuck people do in places that are really fucking cold.

So filling in for DJ Detox will be Max Wowch. Max is good at making clothes. So he runs a clothing company called Wowch. Max also has a radio program in New York City. His show Pizza Party Airs on East Village Radio Thursday’s 4-6 pm.

Moral Tales is Free and At the Summit.
(Detox you need to get a Fidget house rap xtc set together. Pillz and Purple Pillz are my first two suggestions.)