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Video: Odd Future “Rella”

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Odd Future drops Rella. The first song and video off of OF Tape Vol 2 which will be in stores 3/20. It has Hodgy having fun with virtual reality. Domo acts bad which leads to a meth sniffing centaur Tyler. They are rapping over a bonkers Left Brain beat. So this is basically a Mellowhigh song featuring Tyler, the Creator. National tour begins in Tempe, AZ on 3/9 and will include a pop up store and an exclusive showing of their new TV show, Loiter Squad, which debuts on Adult Swim on 3/25.

You can pre-order Odd Future Vol 2. here.

MP3: Wiz Khalifa & Domo Genesis “Ground Up”

MP3: Domo_Genesis_-_Ground_Up_feat._Wiz_Khalifa(produced by Cardo)

People tried to speculate there was beef between Odd Future & Wiz after straight edge Tyler, the Creator said ‘fuck Rollin’ Papers, I’m own a rebel flag rape whistle and some moonshine. i’m gonna cook meth and beat my children’ or whatever. Here we are with OF’s Domo and Wiz making music together. So there.

MP3: Odd Future’s MellowHigh- “Lift” (Feat. Juicy J of Triple 6 Mafia)

MP3: LIFT (Feat. Juicy J)

Three 6 Mafia/Taylor Gang meets Odd Future?

Hodgy Beats and Domo teem up with Juicy J over a Left Brain beat. Obviously, this MellowHype #MellowHigh(Hodgy, Left Brain & Domo Genesis) song that just leaked at Odd Future.com must be described as trippy mane.  Juicy J does say swag at the end.

Sorta unrelated; the other day, Straight Edge malcontent Tyler, Creator told  Juicy J’s label-mate Wiz Khalifa that he smokes more weed than Mr. Khalifa.

Also spark the scama and peep Domo’s new song Stray Bullet which sounds like a Showbiz or Buckwild beat that Big L would’ve rapped over. This may trip you out in a different way.

Download Odd Future’s Domo Genesis “Under the Influence” Mixtape

Odd Future’s Domo Genesis just dropped a mixtape Under The Influence.

Download it from his tumblr.
If Tyler is the Eminem of OFWGKTA then Domo is the dude that rappers that grew up on the Roc-a-Fella era of Hip Hop can burn trees to.
I’m skimming through the tape as I post this….Domo raps over some classics like “Guess Whose Back” and that Game cellphone commercial beat.  Tyler, the Creator guests on that one, and answers the idea that Goblin was a failure.

Peep this freestyle with Tyler while you are waiting for Under the Influence to download.
Back cover with Tracklisting after the jump
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MP3:Tyler, the Creator ft. Domo Genesis “Odd & Twisted” (Got It Twisted Peter Rosenberg Freestyle)

MP3:Tyler The Creator Ft. Domo Genesis – Odd & Twisted (Got It Twisted Freestyle)

Odd Future’s Domo & Tyler rip Mobb Deep’s classic Got It Twisted beat while Peter Rosenberg makes jokes in a low voice.