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Young Joc Speaks on His Cleveland Arrest on 107.5

Young Joc got arrested a few days ago for having a gun at a Cleveland airport. Well, this arrest left the fate of his Columbus show at Club Ice in doubt. My girl Donna Marbury just emailed me this interview that Joc did on Columbus’ 107.5 about the arrest, his new record, and confirming that it is indeed er..going down at Club Ice.

Rapper Yung Joc gave his first interview since his arrest in Columbus, Ohio for Power 107.5 FM with host John Blaze. The transcribed interview is below, along with photos. He talked about his arrest, being victimized by the media, along with giving out his phone number and email address!! Concert photos will be coming after tonight’s show! Photos courtesy of CBUSTED.COM.

Blaze: I got my man in here, Hustlenomics in stores now…what’s up Yung Joc?

Yung Joc: Yeah man, A-town in the building. Ohio, what it do?

B: Alot of people thought you weren’t gonna make the show today, dog.

YJ: I don’t care what alot of people thought. That’s what the media will do for you. Big round of applause for the media [cheers and claps]. Man, the media will have you believing all kinds of stuff.

B: Everything’s cool though?

YJ: Everything is great man…[they] callin’ me a fugitive, sayin I’m on the run..come on, man.

B: Why is it when you’re Black, you’re a fugitive?

YJ: I don’t know. That’s a powerful word though, that’s a strong word.

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