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Exit Stencil at CMJ

Cleveland label Exit Stencil Records has a big CMJ show lined up. Donewaiting.com has written about the label in the past here.

Sunday October 21 2:00pm
Exit Stencil Recordings BBQ @ Union Pool
2:00pm $5 w/ FREE BBQ (Veg & Meat Friendly)

Home and Garden – 6:00pm
Scott (Drums) and Tony (Bass) formerly of Modern Dance era Pere Ubu
MP3: King John | Holiday | Monkey Town

Dreadful Yawns – 5:00pm
MP3: Dead Soldiers | You’ve Been Recorded | Candles

Mystery of Two – 4:00 pm
MP3: Relics | Quick | Desolate

Blake Miller – 3:00 pm
MP3: Cut Your Hair | Your Own Tree | Swing Set