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Photos: Amanda Palmer in Detroit

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra
November 13, 2012
St. Andrews Hall
Detroit, MI

(Yes, my car was broken into while visiting Detroit. Thankfully no windows were broken and the only thing in my trunk was dirty laundry. Which they left behind.)

Quite a wonderful show by Amanda Palmer, one half of the Dresden Dolls, who is nearing the end of her tour for her second solo album.




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Tonight in Columbus: Martin Bisi at Carabar

YouTube Preview Image

Super uber mega ultra producer dude, performer, world traveler and cultural antagonist Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Herbie Hancock, John Zorn, a bunch of other cool motherfuckers) is coming to town to rock Carabar reppin his newest release “Son of a Gun” and it will be cool as fuck. How can it not be with ex Cop Shoot Cop dude Michael Kaminski playing bass/geetar and Dresden Dolls dawg Brian Viglione poundin skins?!?!

ipps (Mike O!) and Birds of Hair (Marcy Mays!) start it off right.

Things starting early, sources say 9:30.

Do the dang thang mang!