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Re: Echotone – the documentary SXSW doesn’t want you to see

Earlier this week we posted about Echotone, a new documentary that is being called the film that SXSW doesn’t want you to see.

The film is now available for streaming on Hulu.The annual interactive/movie/music festival kicks off today so the timing couldn’t be better (or worse, depending on your view).

Echotone premieres on Hulu on March 5, being called the documentary that “SXSW doesn’t want you to see”

A number of Donewaiting writers have spent time at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The annual mecca of music, movies and technology has continued to grow each year and though I haven’t attended the festival since 2009, even back then newspaper headlines were screaming, “Has SXSW become too big?”

On March 5, Echotone will be available to view on Hulu. This documentary is being called “the movie SXSW doesn’t want you to see” because it explores the impact of urban development and SXSW on Austin.

Here’s the description of the documentary from the press release:

Echotone is a music documentary providing a telescopic view into the lives of several young musicians as they grapple with questions of commercialism, experimentation, and the future of their beloved city in the face of gentrification. Echotone is a cultural portrait of the modern American city, examined through the lyrics and lens of Austin, Texas’ creative class.

Should be interesting.