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Sweatin Party Presents Deathface at JunctionView Black Friday

MP3:Death Face-The Blood Will Go Black Mix

Death Face(ex Gunz N Bom,BK) will be live and direct here in Columbus tonight. Dark  dubstep, and electro promises there will be blood at Junctionview Warehouse. This event is just a precursor of what  Sweatin has planned for 2010.

Sweatin wants to keep it all the way funkee in Twoten so no fighting, or doing anything that would’nt get your laid anyway.

Deathface has theatrics planned so plann and dress for thrills.

Check Mad Decent blog for more Death Face MP3’s

Adult Culture at Trauma Tonight

MP3:Le Principle – Your Magic (Original Mix)

{Le Principle is a new disco house project Adulture is part of. Adulture is playing at Trauma tonight)

Trauma is a fetish ball that the Evolved tattoo doods put on. I end up at it every year at some point because they always have some wild shit in the air. Last year, they told me that there was a sex toy room with a 10,000 dollar vibrator. I went on the premise that I wanted to see this device.
Not to get turned on. But to pay respect.
Imean think about it. What does a ten thousand dollar vibrator do that say a 50 dollar vibrator doesn’t? I figured if i was in its presence and learned at least two things, then my life would be greatly enhanced.
I never found the 10k vibrator or the sex room. But what I did witness was a bunch of naked people getting hung by hooks.
Not my Thing at all.
I like naked ladies how they are and I don’t see the need to put them on skewers,

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