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400 LB Ear Lifts and Leak Smoke By Eduardo Jones

Eduardo Jones writes for Beatdom, a Beatnik Literary Journal. Besides his claim to HST’s ether, Mr. Jones was also good friends with Camu Tao. So in stride with Camu’s Columbus release party tonight at Skullys,I solicited memories from Eduardo and a few other of Camu’s friends. I have an interview with El-P that I’m gonna put up later this week. I already said my peace in the Other Paper,

400 Lb Ear Lifts and Leak Smoke……..

By Eduardo Jones

Mr. Flexner asked me if I’d like to share a Camu memory with everybody for his blog. Now, I started thinking back about Camu and my experiences with him, two stories really stick out in my head more than any others– so I’ll share both.

Let’s take a trip back in time to the hay days of Bernies, back when the air was alive with Hip Hop, raw sewage, blunt smoke and the smell of 200 sweaty assholes on a Sunday night. I believe if memory serves me right is where I’d first met Camu. I was still a pretty new face around Columbus, but as fate would have it I somehow met all the right people. Jesus, it frightens me at times to think what would have happened if I’d met some meat head frat boy instead of Asend and Lil Steph. Continue reading