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MP3: EL-P “The Full Retard”

MP3: The Full Retard
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Hold the Floor for El-P’s first leak off “Cancer for Cure”. EL-P is repping Columbus, Ohio’s— the late Camu Tao —- to the fullest in his return. The hook is a Camu  vocal sample, “You Should Pump This Shit Like They Do In The Future”. Run that back deejay.

El-P “Cancer for Cure “out on Fat Possum Records, May 22.

Pitchfork says Danny Brown, Mr. MFn Exquire, Killer Mike, and Paul Banks from Interpol are among the guests on this album.


Video: Killer Mike Says New Album “Will Make You Punch a Reindeer In the Face”

Is 2012 Killer Mike  on some 1991 Ice Cube ish? He told the Mix Show.com‘s that his new album produced by El-P, R.A.P. Music is so hard that it will  “make you punch a reindeer in the race” and go “murder smurfs”.  I happen to like smurfs and reindeer however I do not like lames.

So if the smurfs and reindeers get punched then I would imagine the bloodsuckers, and cocksuckers get bodied. He thinks rap went soft but he ain’t blaming the kids. He is blaming the cowards. WEEEEEERD.


Video: Danny Brown & Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire Live in NY

YouTube Preview Image

Well, Danny Brown is playing Kenyon College in Gambier,Ohio tonight. It’s about an hour away from Columbus.
The above video will either motivate you to make the trek or hold you over. It is of Danny & Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire rocking a MTV/Beats By Dre Party in New York City Wednesday.
XXL Magazine is reporting that Brown and eXquire are doing an album together. HUZZAH. Wonder if El-P will produce some songs on thurr? Cause from the twitters it appears that Danny Brown will be on El-P’s upcoming album Cancer For Cure.

Stones Throw Records at SXSW

YouTube Preview Image

The above video is of Stepkids, a tripped out group from Connecticut that have a Rotary Connection meets Edan would sample me vibe. List of other Stones Throw artists at SXSW below…Yeah that does say Dam Funk, Mayor Hawthorne and Snoop Dog. Continue reading

Tonight In Columbus:Camu Tao’s King Of Hearts Release Party @ Skullys

Welp. I’d link to think anyone who claims to like music is aware of this. But we all have our own lives to lead. HOWEVER, All Eyes in the underground hip hop galaxy focus on our city as we being the home of some of the greatest talent ever celebrate the release of Camu Tao’s King of Hearts album on Def Jux/Fat Possum Records.
El-P is flying in to present our city the album, and enjoy the city that Camu loved.
ooohh so a national release in Columbus…say word..
but wait..lets not get too cool.
All the proceeds from the door benefit the James Cancer Center.
So..hopefully you will come and join us.
I feel like this is one of the musical moments that someone with pyrotechnics at the Schott could’nt trump.
5 dollar suggested donation.
DJ Pos 2, DJ Detox, DJ Carol, DJ True Skillz, and DJ Drastic on the tables
Hoster by El-Producto.
Album plays at midnight.
the packaging will make you cry.
In the Short North. At Skullys. On High Street. In Columbus Ohio.

Camu Tao-King of Hearts has a label and release date.

MP3:Camu Tao-Perfect Plan
Today marks the 2-year anniversary of Camu Tao’s death.  As I sat hear reflecting on the Columbus rapper/producer this press release arrived. I am just cuttin and pasting it because it has a letter from EL-P. as well as a description of Camu’s upcoming album and quotes from Kid Cudi, Mathew Johnson(owner of Fat Possum) among others about Camu.


PLUS Personal letter from Jaime “EL-P” Meline

camu tao_artwork

(Definitive Jux/Fat Possum; August 17, 2010)

Two years ago today  Tero “Camu Tao” Smith died after a grueling battle with cancer.  He was a friend, a son, a brother, a groom to be and last but not least a brilliant producer, singer, rapper and entertainer.  Words can not express the heartache that has been felt in the wake of his passing by those who loved and respected him.

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El-P’s Official Statement on the Fate of Def Jux

Read El’s official statement on Def Jux’s Website

This year, a decade after starting DEF JUX and after overseeing the releases of some incredible albums including the forthcoming release of my dear late and great friend Camu Tao’s brilliant “KING OF HEARTS” LP, I’m stepping away from my duties as artistic director for the label to concentrate on what I love most: being a producer and an artist full time. This is something I’ve been contemplating for a few years now, and can’t think of a better time or, with the eventual release of Camu’s record, a more poetic way to transition into a new direction.

This means change for JUX. Of course we’ll still have our website, we will still sell our catalog, merch and more as well as bring you news and updates on all our projects and artists. We will be releasing “KING OF HEARTS”, a DEF JUX remix compilation, a 10 year anniversary retrospective and some other goodies. But then as a traditional record label DEF JUX will effectively be put on hiatus. We are not closing, but we are changing. The process is already underway, and the last several months (for those wondering what the hell we’ve been up to) have been spent dealing with the technical aspects of wrapping up the label in it’s current form and re-imagining our collective and individual futures.

If you watched the Vast Aire vs Def Jux beef that brewed from May to Mid August this year then you prolly knew change was in the air.

Mavlus Funk+Soul Party at The Cove Tonight

Scotty Cockblock(Sweatin,Invented Columbus Hardcore) and DC Kareem(Get Right/MilkBar) are throwing a new Funk Party tonight with Columbus Hip Hop Pioneer DJ True Skills in the limelight. True Skills(Adrian Willis) has some of most curious, peregrine psychedelic funk records I have heard. Its like a weed brigadeiros for your body’s internal rhythmic response mechanisms.

After the Jump. 1 Important Fact about DJ True Skills.

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El-P and Jared Leto aren’t feeling Spankrock.

I saw this over @ www.low-bee.com and thought it was kinda funny:

Funcrusher El-P thinks Spankrock is bullshit—>here. And I guess Jared Leto and Spankrock aren’t feeling each other according Stereogum.–>here. In a more localized response, as I am typing this with the Spankrock website window open, an annoyed ex-graffiti writer turned Chef , Nerd 1 is asking me what is this crap that I am listening to right now. And keeps telling me it sounds like Fergie

EL-P in Columbus Recap


Photo by Johnny Cashola

Later this week, I intend on giving a brief history of the late 90’s Hip Hop indie rap boom, EL-P’s place in it, and how all of those things relate to Columbus Hip Hop (ie RJD2, Blueprint, Camu Tao etc) in a really simplified manner.

With that said, EL-P aka Jamie Meline appearing in Columbus last Saturday was way over due. Early that afternoon, EL did an instore at Mags. It rained heavily so the turn-out wasn’t amazing. As the Hip Hop buyer at Magnolia, it is always embarrassing when an instore doesn’t work out. You always feel like you are gonna bruise the artists ego. He took it in stride. I had interviewed EL for the Alive, so his opinion that artists need to connect with fans and all people in between out of shear fact that people like music was in practice.

Watching a notoriously cynical New Yorker sincerely be nice to people once again proved to me the EL-P really gets it. The juxtiposition of nihilism that anyone living in this world should possess and a respect of the fact that anyone gives a fuck about his music was something that other malcontents could learn from.

Like… Photo-op’s are retarded, wanting someone’s autograph is silly, the whole fishbowl process of an instore is awkward. But he would take the photos and sign the cd’s. He would talk to anyone that had anything to say. This might sound basic, but a lot of artists don’t get this.

I have had notable indie rappers in the store that treated their fans like idiot followers which caused people to stop buying the artists records.

You don’t have to pander. No need to be a prick.
Just as you aren’t a moron, your fans aren’t either.


Well maybe I am a moron sometimes. But usually I don’t smile for the camera either.
Photo by Danielle Kline
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