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Numero Eccentric Soul Review at the Lincoln Theatre

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Wexner continues to truly reflect what’s good or what used to be good in out fair city. They’ve teamed up with Numero Group to bring a good deal of history to the Lincoln Theater. Numero Group is a soul and R+B reissue label out of Chicago. It’s Columbus-relevant because in the past few years they unearthed and put out collections of Columbus labels like Prix and Capsoul.

So on November 9th, local legends like the Four Mints, and Marion Black will share the bill with the Notations, Syl Johnson, Renaldo Domino.

I don’t really listen to soul like that so, if you are like me and want to educate yourself, check out this mixtape the Wex has put together.

Also, on November 7th, the Wex is sponsoring a Soul Brunch at Tip Top. It’s hosted by Envelope, and will have DJ Detox, and Wax Poetic senior editor/DJ Shadow BFF Dante Carfagna playing records while you eat sweet potato fries. Some proceeds of Soul Brunch benefit Arc of Ohio, a charity that helps special-needs people.

MP3: Marion Black – Who Knows

Daymon Day Basketball Tourney Match-Ups


As mentioned before, Daymon Day will be returning to Tuttle Park 9-19-09. For more info on Daymon Day, and its parade, please read 614 Magazine’s article on the event. 614 interviewed Envelope, Daymon’s mom Judy and myself for the article.

As for the Basketball portion of the event, CJ Townsend organized a basketblog tourney, in which Team Donewaiting (DJ True Skills, Aleks Shaulov,Andrew Patton, and myself) will compete with Weedsteeler, Agit Reader, Milk Bar, Embassy, Kings Rowe,Central City Recordings, and The Grip for a warm case of PBR.

The bball tourney will be from 12 to 5 at Tuttle Park, Saturday 9-19. The Daymon Day Parade is scheduled to start at Tuttle Park @ 8pm.

(the grudge match right now is between Weedsteeler and the Grip. Or perhaps Weedsteeler and itself)

Photos: CD101 Summerfest

Matt and Kim I Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears I Stellastarr* I Envelope I Company of Thieves
LC Pavilion I Columbus OH
August 22, 2009

(Click to see awesome larger version)

Keep reading for more photos… Continue reading

Win tickets to Matt & Kim (and lots of other bands) in Columbus

mp3: Matt & Kim – Daylight

We’ve been giving away a fair amount of tickets recently, and there’s a whole lot more to come… But first, there’s Matt & Kim, who are playing CD101’s sold-out Summerfest this Saturday, along with The Living Things, Band of Skulls, Company of Thieves, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, Stellastarr* and Columbus’ own Envelope. As stated previously here, Matt & Kim have so much child-like energy onstage that it’s near impossible not to get caught up in it. Expect lots of smiling.

Like I said, it’s sold out, but we’ve got a a pair of tickets to give away. To enter this contest, send a blank e-mail to contest@donewaiting.com with the subject MATT AND KIM. A winner will be randomly chosen on Friday morning, 8/21.

I Am Voting For Envelope For CD101 Summerfest

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You know Donewaiting rides for rapper Envelope. He rides for us. Envelope played our Third and Sixth anniversaries.

Above is a video Jessica Morgan took of Envelope’s epic Comfest performance that was cut short because of some sort of noise rule that placates cowards  in nearby townhouses.

Well Well…looks like Envelope has a shot being the highlight at another outdoor festival here in Columbus

CD101 is having this thing where you vote for  on their website to pick who plays their  Summerfest with fellow Monster House alums, Matt & Kim and some other groups. If Envelope is added to this festival then his music will end up in regular rotation on CD101.

Aside from him being a good dood,  really no artist ,save maybe TNV  or Blueprint, deserves radio more than Envelope when you account draw,record sales, and resonance with an audience. 

So help Tony help this world be less mediocre.  Click here to Vote

YeaBig/Kid Static & Envelope @ The Monster House Tonight

Yea Big/Kid Static are a rap group from Chicago that are trying to make sense of the hipster dance rap that the Cool Kids, Kid Sister and Flosstadomus have made their city known for but at the same time showing a definate glitch Prefuse 73/Flying Lotus tendancy. Kid Static’s flow sounds kinda awkward but I mean who could sound fluid over a hybrid of two different styles of electronic music. Especially when a “real” hip hop vibe prevails.
Awkward Party rap will prolly go over well @ bike punk haven Monster House.
Awkward, rapping, bike riding fan of Columbus punk, party animalEnvelope is performing backed by DJ Detox also.
I can’t see how this rare Hip Hop house show doesn’t end up being memorable. I mean the show deserve attention on the merits off of ..when have you ever seen a all-hip hop house show?

Yea Big vs. Mae Shi-Party Steady

Kid Static vs. Matt and Kim-Good Ol Fashion Nightmare

DJ Pos 2 Has A Point(Re:Columbus Hip Hop)

YouTube Preview Image

Pos 2 is the homie from the willy-way back. Dood held down Bernies Hip Hop Night. He was Przm and Daymon’s right hand man. Anyway…dood will be launching a blog soon. It will be filled with Columbus History. As evident in the above video.

He thinks things are just fine in 2009.

Photos: Donewaiting.com 6 Year Anniversary


Click here to see all of Cassie’s photos from the night.

Also, if some random dude took your photo, chances are you can find it here. There were a lot of good looking people at this show (present company excluded).

Envelope Works on The Corner Store

Envelope Works on The Corner Store

When Envelope says he’s presenting The Corner Store for the donewaiting.com anniversary on Saturday, he really means it. Other bands just sing and play instruments, but Envelope is giving you a goddamned set too.

Keep reading for more photos of the construction. Continue reading

Reminder: Donewaiting 6 Year Anniversary January 24 in Columbus

This is going to be fun, assuming the modern ice age hasn’t overtaken.

Get to know your bands with these MP3s:
Envelope: Straight Up (featuring Hugs and Kisses)
Two Cow Garage: Your Humble Narrator
Moon High: Gathering Song
Adulture: Selfish Minimix 2

Feel good about yourself and RSVP on Facebook. (Poster by Reno of course)