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Eric Metronome Reposts His 2006 Covers Project

Eric Metronome

In 2006, Eric Metronome recorded and posted a new cover song every week for 52 weeks. From Hayden to The Beatles to Mountain Goats to Nick Drake, it was a fun and ambitious project.

Eric has resposted the songs as a 3 part download. Click here to grab the files. This is probably one of the most requested things I get in my inbox, so I’m glad Eric has put it back out there to the world.

Keep reading for the full track list. Continue reading

Download Entire Sunken Treasure Catalog For Free + 2009 Plans

Sunken Treasure Records is our small companion record label to donewaiting.com. We’ve released a bunch of albums over the course of the last few years, and we’ve decided to make all of them available as a free download for the rest of December. Click here to see what we got and get downloading. You’ll find the latest releases from Megan Palmer, Miranda Sound, Eric Metronome, and The Evil Queens as well as the first album by The Celebrity Pilots.

We’ve also announced our next releases for 2009. ur first release next year will be a split seven inch vinyl release featuring Columbus’ The Black Swans and Brooklyn’s Alina Simone. Both songs are beautiful and heartbreaking, and you’ll surely want it in your collection. Expect that in the Feb/March timeframe.

We also plan to work with Eve Searls, aka Bird and Flower, on the release of her debut album. I’ve been a fan of Eve since she first popped up on the scene and her first effort is fabulous. This will happen sometime in April/May (which will be here before you know it…)

More to come, including some Megan Palmer vinyl, and maybe a few more tricks up our sleeves. Happy holidays!

Columbus This Week

There is a lot going on in Columbus this week, it’s sort of hard to keep straight in my mind. Stuff that I am going to or would like to go to:

The Swell Season and Bill Calahan @ the Palace Theatre

Hayden and Eric Metronome @ Rumba
Evangelicals w/ Church of the Red Museum, Ryan Smith @ Skullys

Tyvek, Guinea Words, The Lindsay @ The Summit

Oh Sees, Sic Alps, and Ty Segall, RTFO Bandwagon @ The Summit

Possibly The Last Evil Queens Show @ Ruby Tuesday

Headlights w/ Pomegranates @ High Five

Post anything else worth going to in the comments.

Megan Palmer’s New Album on the Donewaiting.com Record Label

MP3: Deadman by Megan Palmer
MP3: Take You Away by Megan Palmer

Last week we released “Take You Away,” the new album by Megan Palmer on Sunken Treasure Records, the donewaiting.com record label. I’ve linked up some MP3s and press if you’d like to learn some more.

In my humble opinion, it’s a great soundtrack to the changing seasons, the days getting darker a little earlier, and the need to start breaking out the scarves and winter hats. Guests on the record include Victoria Williams, Tim Easton, and Eric Metronome. It was recorded mostly in the Joshua Tree, with some additional songs being done by Metronome in Columbus

Megan was on the cover of Columbus Alive this week: read the story. Also: review by Muruch.

She performed 5 songs and did an interview that you can listen here on Patradio.org.

Upcoming shows:

11/21: Lancaster, OH @ Paul’s Nite Club
11/26: Columbus, OH @ Rumba
11/30: New York, NY @ Banjo Jim’s
12/1: New York, NY @ Rodeo Bar

BUY ALBUM: Sunken Treasure Store (or Itunes, etc)