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Facebook geared to change again

Digital Music News recently posted an article on Facebook, its plans to redesign (again), and how this will affect musicians. Looking back, when MySpace started looking like a NASCAR racer, the end was on the horizon. I’m not sure what is in store for Facebook, but I do know it’s an ephemeral, unpredictable platform and ye olde website seems to be the most reliable means for sharing one’s art on the Internet.

Donewaiting.com Facebook Page

We’re already on Myspace, so why not this? I just created a Donewaiting.com Page on Facebook. Dear lord someone else join the page besides myself.

I am suspicious of the value of the page, but we’ll see what it does, if anything.

One more way to feel closer than ever to your friends out in Columbus.

Get Five Free iTunes Songs via Facebook Group

Via Spoofee:

Facebook group “Ticketmaster Live” is offering 5 free iTunes song credits.

1. Log in to Facebook

2. Search for “ticketmaster live”

3. Join the group

4. Redeem the 5 free songs link

5. Leave the group if you want.

I can confirm this works.