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Tuesday: Crooked Bangs, Feral Future @ Ace of Cups

You may know producer Mike McCarthy‘s name from his many collaborations with Spoon. Or maybe his work on Columbus band The Sun’s Don’t Let Your Baby Have All the Fun. McCarthy was also the one who introduced Sam Brown to Britt Daniel in Divine Fits’ embryonic stage.

This year McCarthy also launched his own label, Western Medical Records, just so he could release something from two of his favorite female-fronted, New Wave/punk bands in Austin: Crooked Bangs and Feral Future. Western Meds describes Crooked Bangs as, “Europe 1978 layered onto America 1965 and delivered to a punk scene that’s dissatisfied with 2012” and Feral Future as “heavily rooted in the traditions of anarcho-punk and riot grrrl.” Sounds about right to my ears. Plus a lot of French in Crooked Bangs. I can think of quite a few people in Columbus who will dig this.

McCarthy pressed 500 of Crooked Bangs’ self-titled LP and another 500 of Feral Future’s EP. Pick them up at tomorrow night’s Ace of Cups show, where Philadelphia’s The Eeries open. 9pm, $5.