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Los LLamarada/PHS/Fey Gods Tonight at the Summit


You ever had a conversation with a someone and they seem normal enough but then you find out their number one goal in life is to go to Cancun every 6 months so they can fuck a Mexican. And it’s never like a Mayan Pyramid fantasy either. It’s like straight up like cheesy club goer dood. And your like..why don’t you ever go anywhere interesting like Egypt,France or Stonehenge. Lke I have been to Mexico, and it was kinda like Myrtle Beach but you have to keep your mouth shut when you shower because you don’t want to get sick from the water. The bootleg Rolex shopping was cool but still. 

If you are someone who is the female equivelent of those weird old white men that go to Thailand to legally have sex with little boys, then you have two ways of not making yourself seem corny. 1.Act like you are involved in Mexican Satanism. OR 2)move the subject away from your ethnic fetiish driven timeshare to Los LLamarada, a Monterrey, Mexico group that sounds like Sonic Youth or the Velvet Underground mixed with Can. Shit is realy good. And because you live in Columbus,Ohio you get to be ahead of the music curve simply by drinking alot and being bored. Los LLamarada is playing at the Summit tonight in with Pyschedelic Horseshit  (who Chunklet referred to as the new The The), and Fey Gods.

And if you aren’t chasing Spring Break every half year, and just are an every Sunday Karoake dork, bring an extra 5 bucks, and avoid whomever is gonna sing Journey.