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Video: Lost in the Trees – “Red”

Lost in the Trees put out one of my favorite albums of 2010, and the NC band is due to release its new one, A Church That Fits Our Needs, March 20 on Anti-. This is the first video from the record, which finds bandleader Ari Picker working through the carnage of his mother’s 2009 suicide. It’s a tribute, of sorts, and it takes the band’s orchestral folk sound to new heights. As NPR noted when it debuted “Red” this week, there’s a David Lynch feel to the video, and that haunting/beautiful sensation permeates the entire album. Read what Picker had to say about the video after the jump.

Lost in the Trees return to the Wexner Center April 5 with Poor Moon (Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of Fleet Foxes).
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Favorites of 2011 : Adriana Mundy

Two thousand and eleven has been an odd year for me, and I think for music as well. Between acclimating to a completely different environment and being fully immersed in the music world, I foresaw a serious evolution and transformation of my music tastes prior to compiling my “Best of” lists. After the completion of said lists, it seems that not much has actually changed – not only in the last year, but the last five, when observing which names were included.

To be honest, it was quite difficult to decide on 10 full albums I really enjoyed listening to from start to finish. This could be the fault of BBC6 radio, and it’s persistent nature of turning an “OK” song into a real banger after playing it enough. It could also be the fault of so many let downs and gimmicks. Never in a single year have I looked forward to so many albums that panned out to be so disappointingly average. In a market so over saturated by bands trying to “out-cool” one another and being more conscious of what they wear than how well they play, it’s no wonder that some of names keep recurring year after year or that the best single tracks list was so much more enjoyable to assemble.

But this is it, I’ve done it. I’ve decided what 10 albums and 20 tracks have been the most enjoyable, the least pretentious and will hopefully be a memorable depiction of 2011 – five, ten and fifty years from now.

As for ranking, I must digress to the one brutal truth of end of year lists that my good friend Wes pointed out recently. Ranking is, in fact, arbitrary and simply a tool for building suspense in pinning down one’s judgement on any particular topic. So to avoid that (as you may not know who I am nor care about/for my taste in music), I’ve decided to post my lists chronologically. My hope is for you to have a listen to anything you’re not familiar with and ideally find something to enjoy. That’s why you’re here, right?

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

MP3: Let England Shake

Secret Cities – Strange Hearts

MP3 – Always Friends

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

MP3 – The Shrine / An Argument

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Favorite Albums of 2011: Joel Oliphint

This year’s list of favorites is fairly sedate (even for me), with just a little ruckus here and there. Lots of morning-coffee music, which I guess says something about my 2011. But music’s strength is its pliability. It can be whatever you need it to be at the moment, especially when we have instant access to virtually any song ever recorded, often for free. Judging by this list, I needed music to be a salve more than a release valve this year.

I also never expected my favorite album to come from someone who held the spot previously, but the iTunes “most played” playlist doesn’t lie. It’s a divisive one, but people who like it really like it.

I picked 15 favorites and several honorable mentions, plus a Favorite Columbus Albums list below — separate but equal in enjoyment and quality. As usual, I limit my lists to albums, so some EPs and 7”s I liked (e.g. Envelope, Sundown, Malefactors of Great Wealth, Dolfish) aren’t listed.

That is all.

15. Wussy – Strawberry

MP3: Grand Champion Steer

As Chip said about Wussy’s Chuck Cleaver, “One wouldn’t expect the heavily tattooed Cincinnati songwriter to produce his best collection of songs this late in his already highly-prolific career, but that’s exactly what he’s done.”

14. TV on the Radio – Nine Types of Light

TV On The Radio – “Will Do” by Interscope Records

13. The War on Drugs – Slave Ambient

MP3: Come to the City

12. Tom Waits – Bad As Me

Tom Waits – Bad As Me by antirecords

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Video: Fleet Foxes – “The Shrine / An Argument”

Along with Times New Viking’s “No Room to Live” and “Ever Falling in Love” videos, this is one of my favorite music videos of the year. Stop-motion animation courtesy of Britta Johnson and Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold’s brother Sean Pecknold, who also directed the video. It’s trippy, creepy, pretty and features an antelope-looking creature that you would not want to mess with. Unless you’re a large sea monster.

Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) Covers Neutral Milk Hotel, Opening Joanna Newsom Tour

Robin Pecknold

MP3: Two Headed Boy

Fleet Foxes’ singer Robin Pecknold is opening the short but sweet Joanna Newsom tour, which includes a stop in Columbus.

On tour:

03-28 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge
03-29 Columbus, OH – Southern Theatre
03-30 Cincinnati, OH – MusicNow Festival
03-31 Bloomington, IN – Buskirk-Chumley Theatre
04-02 Milwaukee, WI – Pabst Theater
04-03 Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre

Above is a live cover of Robin covering Neutral Milk Hotel for your downloading pleasure. More details about where the cover comes from here.

(Photo by Sound on the Sound)

Fleet Foxes: He Doesn’t Know Why

Fleet Foxes are takin’ it back to the 70s.

Wilco and Fleet Foxes Cover Dylan Together

Not sure where this is happening, but I found this on the Youtube.