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Discovered new music at the Easton Farmer’s Market – TJ Kong and The Atomic Bomb

The wife and her friend had a booth set up at the Easton Farmer’s Market this afternoon so I swung by to offer some moral support. Camped out next to the Big Green Head tent was a band performing folk-infused whiskey blues (that sounds fancy, doesn’t it?). Not exactly sure what that means but it was acoustic-based music played by guys with beards, tattoos, and deep voices. I’m not saying we don’t have talent like that in Columbus, but their vibe said “out of towners” and sure enough, my daughter informed me that they had announced earlier in their set that they were from Philly and they were called TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb.

Stumbling across a great band like this, completely unexpected, is one of those great little moments in life that I wish happened more often. Hope these guys had a good time in Columbus and swing through here again.

Give TJ Kong and The Atomic Bomb’s 2010 release, Idiots, a listen and if you dig it, buy a digital copy from Bandcamp. (I bought a CD-R copy of Idiots from the band after their set – a great purchase!)

Interview: The Go Round (performing at Woodlands Tavern)

Tomorrow night at Woodlands Tavern, Brooklyn-based The Go Round make their inaugural performance in Columbus though it won’t be the first time that singer/guitarist Brandon Whightsel has set foot on a stage here in the capital city.

Back in Donewaiting’s infancy, Whightsel was a behind-the-scenes player, helping get the site off the ground and, on occasion, contributing to the DW message board using the name Charlie Tokyo. He was also an amateur folk musician who had just started writing his own songs and performing them live whenever given the opportunity at places like Andyman’s Treehouse and the St.James Tavern.

Whightsel moved to NYC for grad school 6 years ago and in that time hooked up with some likeminded musicians to form the folk-rock act, The Go Round. With a full-length album already available and an EP coming out any day now, The Go Round have embarked on their first tour, attempting to cover 8,000 miles in 45 days.

The Tuesday night lineup includes: The Whiles (9pm), The Ginger Lees (10pm), and The Go Round (11pm). Admission is $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

The last time I saw Whightsel, he was getting me drunk at the White Horse Tavern in NYC. Now, a few years later, I’m interviewing him. Weird how things work out, isn’t it?
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