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Action Bronson Plays Columbus,Ohio October 12th

MP3: Thug Love Story 2012

Royal Columbus is bringing the round mound of knowing how to rap and shit Action Bronson to Skully’s on October 12th.  Bronson just signed to Vice Records on the heels of his tremendously ill Blue Chips tape with Party Supplies out on Fools Gold.

So yeah. Stoked.

Fool’s Gold To Release Wavves’ Nathan Williams & His Brother’s Beat Tape

Credit: Dan Monick


Awhile back we posted remix of a Gift of Gab  song done by Wavves’ Nathan Williams and his brother Kynan . Well, Fool’s Gold is putting out an instrumental  beat tape by the Williams brothers called Stay Calm on August 7th.  Thy William’s brothers project itself is called Sweet Valley. On the tape they chop and screw American Bandstand breaks on joints like the above “Total Carnage” and I guess go g-funk on “Dunk Dreams 95”.  Smoke weed everyday.

Wavves are also on the cover of Spin with Best Coast.

MP3:Telephoned “All the Lights” (Kanye West Cover)

MP3:Telephoned-All Of The Lights

Sammy Bananas is returning to Columbus. When he was here last year, it was the perfect cure for the wintertime blahs. This time he will be joined by vocalist Maggie Horn to do electro-pop versions of rap songs like their rendition of Kanye West’s All The Lights that is available above. They call themselves Telephoned when they do that.

Sammy will also dejay. Cornelius Jackson, and Dirty Current will provide entertaiment as well. This is at Sweatin. At Axis.  Thursday. Look at the Flyer.

For other tour dates visit the Fool’s Gold  website.

Interview With J2k of Flosstradamus

MP3:Matt & Kim-Yea Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix Final)


Flosstradamus are playing at the Venue(Club Karma/Redzone) Saturday, June 20th along with DJ Detox, and CJ Townsend..

Flosstradamus are a deejay/remix duo from Chicago that has been doing it big for couple years now. They exist in the weird hybrid Electro/Juke whatever the fuck you call it world that has you playing Lollapalooza one day, and a small club date the next.

I spoke to half of them, J2k aka Young Josh aka Kid Sister’s brother on the phone when I was hanging out at the MilkBar a couple days ago. (J2K is the one with the Slingshot) J2k talked about their worst show, working with De La Soul, the backpack vs. hipster dynamic, and his love for midwest crowd.

what’s good with you?

J2K:Just played Los Angeles last night.

How was it ?

It was cool. The crowd was like 1200 people. It was a blast. It was fun.

Is that your usual turn-out on the West Coast?

It varies. We are playing at a club that holds 600 people in San Diego tonight.

What was your wackest deejay experience?

I wouldn’t say it was the wackest…We were at DJ AM’s club LAX. The people were not into it at all. It was a jiggy crowd. After about Ten minutes some girl told us we sucked. We got booted off the tables. Everyone hated us.

Did you still get paid?

Yeah. Of course. We went back 6 months later and killed it.

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Treasure Fingers/Knave at Spice Bar Tonight

Fool’s Gold’s Treasure Fingers is dejaying at Spice tonight. For Rock N Rollerz on this site: Fool’s Gold is a label run by A-Trak. A-trak is cool cause he was on the Invisible Skratch Pikles Turntablist team when he was like 14. But he didn’t let that ruin his life. He is Kanye West’s dejay and Kid Sister’s boyfriend. So that means he prolly humps Kid Sister. Which really is quite an accomplishment for anybody who once devoted his life to three click crab scratches, flares and orbits. A-trak isn’t gonna be there. I was letting the Rock N Rolllerz on this site know what Fools Gold was.

Treasure Fingers appear to be some doods who prolly got their rave on in the 90’s and now get to come back out and appear to be hipsters. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing cause if we are gonna spend our time listening techno, I suppose we need some people who actually like the shit making it.

Sweatin Local Knave is also playing tongiht.

MP3: Knave-Grime Time Mix

Here is a remix of a Chromeo Song Treasure FIngers did.

MP3: Chromeo 100-Treasure-Fingers-B-Live-Pemberton-Mix

And two other Chromeo Remixess.

MP3: Chromeo 100-Trackademicks-B-Live-Pemberton-Mix

MP3: Chromep 1000-Nacho-Lovers-B-Live-Pemberton-Mix

I have been told Spice has been remodeled. And I’m not sure how I ended up relaying a message that Spice has been remodeled.