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SXSW: Aussie BBQ – lineup

Bands: Kate Bradley & Band, Yves Klein Blue, The Chevelles, The Vines, The Stems, Mink, Paul Kelly, Ash Grunwald, Whitley, The Panics, Something with Numbers, Old Man River
Date: Friday, March 14 (12pm – 7:30pm)
Location: Brush Square Park (across the street from the Convention Center)
RSVP: SXSW badgeholders welcome

This is our favorite party at SXSW. Every year we go into it with very little knowledge about the bands playing. And every year we come out of it with new favorite bands (examples: Airbourne, The Flairz, Ground Components, Gyroscope, etc., etc.). Our Australian friends usually bring with them a whole lot of Cooper’s Ale which is worth the visit to this party by itself!

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