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Fucked Up! Trashes A Masonic Temple’s Men’s Room.

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Matador’s newest Lo-Fi Art-Punk Superstars’ Fucked Up get a little Gordon Solie Motherfucker  on MTV Live!. They have a new album out now and will be playing at Skully’s with Psychedelic Horseshit & Reflect on October 201th.

Is this Fear on Saturday Night Live or Contrived? Beats me.

Ben Hamilton Continues to Make Columbus Good

I just went over to the Ben Co Presents site to see if there were any new updates, and it was a jackpot of new info. Upcoming Columbus shows, courtesy of Ben:

9/23 Hayden @ Rumba

10/19 Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s @ Skullys

10/20 Fucked Up @ Skullys

That’s just the new ones listed. Head on over to his website to see all the shows.

Tomorrow, Ben has Pepi Ginsberg coming to Cafe Bourbon St. Should be a good night.

MP3: In My Bones by Pepi Ginsberg