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Tonight at the Wex: Brent Green’s Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then + Band

If the name Brent Green and the Wex sound familiar in the same sentence, it’s because you probably followed my advice and went to see “Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then” last August.

This charmingly awkward and ominously tragic film is based on the life of Leonard Wood, a Louisville hardware store clerk who renovates his house into what he believes to be a “healing machine” to keep his terminally ill wife alive. It is Green’s first venture into the full-length feature world (an impressive one at that) AND he built a full-sized replica of this crazy house in his Pennsylvanian farmyard (which is amazing).

The actual house that was later sadly demolished was used as episode #4 of Green and Brendan Canty’s (of Fugazi) collaborative series, Burn to Shine. The project documents the life of a house by movie projections, narration and live music before it’s leveled. The Louisville show was curated by William Benton and contributing bands included Dead Child, Ultra Pulverize, Will Oldham, Magik Markers, Lords, Verktum, Commonwealth, Shipping News, Liberation Prophecy, Parlour, and Lucky Pineapple.

Tonight’s show ups the ante from last year’s screening as you will also be able to catch an accompanying live performance from a band made up of Todd Chandler of Dark, Dark, Dark; Brendan Canty of Fugazi; Michael McGinley and Alan Scalpone of the Bitter Tears; and Drew Henkels of Drew and the Medicinal Pen. Tickets are still available for tonight and the event starts at 8pm.

Tomorrow’s Film @ Wex: Brent Green feature

If you follow the obscure and endearingly dark face of film, you may already know who Brent Green is. It’s also possible that you’ve seen him at some point downtown at Skylab. For the rest of us, Brent Green is a 26 year old filmmaker/animator who’s chosen a more humble location to create his art. Humble as in, he lives and works out of a barn in Cressona, Pennsylvania. Up to this point, he’s made quirky shorts that have been debuted in his barn where live bands (such as Califone, Sin Ropas and Brendan Canty of Fugazi) improvise the soundtracks and Green narrates.

His newest project is a feature-length film based on the life of a man who built a house to keep his wife from dying. Romantic indeed, but he went on to not only to lose his wife, but fall off the roof of the house and end up selling it to cover medical expenses. Green was able to tour the house before it was torn down and built a replica of it behind his barn in Pennsylvania. Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then premiers tomorrow night (Wednesday) at the Wex in the Film Theatre at 7pm.

Go here to visit Green’s blog.

mp3: The Spruce Campbells – So Tired (Fugazi cover)


mp3: The Spruce Campbells – So Tired

Jason (Matthew) Kusowski of the Nuclear Children and co-head of local label Champions of the Arts has a new project called the Spruce Campbells, and it’s shaping up really nicely. The first few songs (recorded by Jay Alton) are dreamy, atmospheric pop — lots of oohs and ahhs, strings, layered background vocals, etc. The new stuff also serves as the debut of Chelsea Moore on vocals, who provides a beautiful counterbalance to Matthew/Kusowski’s voice. She steals the show on the Fugazi cover above. Download it.

On the Spruce Campbells’ Myspace you’ll find the rest of the new tunes, all of which will be on the upcoming album Mosques, Museums, Mausoleums, and Other Forms of Escape. They’re also working on a 20-minute, one-song rock musical. And another album.