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CMC Hosts Health Care Reform Workshop With National Advocate

Image courtesy of Future of Music Coalition

Think the cost of health insurance really sucks? Think no insurance sucks more? Heads up: The Columbus Music Co-op continues a string of educational programs and workshops this weekend by hosting Alex Maiolo from the Future of Music Coalition, a national non-profit organization working for as a proponent of musicians at “the intersection of music, law, technology and policy.” Maiolo is an accomplished musician in his own right, as well as an advocate, writer, recordist, and contributor to Tape Op magazine. It’s his day job, however, that will form the basis for Sunday’s (May 8th, 2-4 PM) presentation at the Jazz Academy (Lincoln Theater, 769 E Long Street). Since 2005 Maiolo has been working on the FMC’s Health Insurance Navigation Tool (H.I.N.T) program, which directly assists the 33% of musicians who are without health insurance in finding affordable coverage. Programs such as H.I.N.T were part of the inspiration for the CMC’s own CMAP program which provides medical grants to Franklin County musicians. If you would like to hear more about H.I.N.T or CMAP, or the state of the insurance industry as it applies to the self employed, you are encouraged to attend. The presentation will focus on musicians, but is FREE and open to the public. Space is limited so please RSVP through the Jazz Academy here.

In typical CMC fashion, it’s not all work- there’s a party involved too. Saturday May 7th at Kobo, there will be a CMC Volunteer Appreciation Party and New Music Showcase (Alert New London, New Tooth and Energy Clinic!). Details can be found on the Facebook event page.