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R.I.P. Eric Rohmer

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Above a is trailer for “My Night at Maud’s” from Eric Rohrmer’s series of seduction and dillema Six Moral Tales

So here at Donewaiting we have shown a wealth of support and adoration for Moral Talesmonthly party, which stole its name from Rohmer’s adult version of choose your own adventure and relaunched itself successfully last Friday by townie provacteuar Scotty Neitmet, and polite societies’ #1 DJ, Detox, at Havana in the Shono.
Sadly, and in a weird timing for local gays, handsome gentleman and stunning temptresses do to its proximity with the Moral Tales’ relaunch, the French New Wave director passed away at age 89.
Read about Eric Rohmer in the the New York TImes.

Get Right Turns 2 Tonight

This is family. I am so proud of them. Get Rights 2 Year-Anniversary @ Spice tonight.

Get Right Promoter DCKareem sez:

We are 2 years old . Oh my god i want to cry. Just want to say think you too all the people that have been there since the beginning.You know who you are!

so we have the whole clube
Yours truly Detox and Cashola in the Main room

DJ Gay Bar in the middle room

Cj Townsend and Mister Shifter on the Pation

but before you got to “Get Right” stop by Soveriegn Collective
for a FREE TATTOOS AND BOOZE for “the Savage Life Party”

Some Details……
choose from 3 designs For FREE “SAVAGE” TATTOO
DJ Sets
free alcohol

from 8-11
June 5th

Tattoos will be limited so show up early to get yours

Sovereign Collective

1042 North High Street

East Village Radio’s Max Wowch Dejays at Moral Tales Saturday

The one song I know for sure that will be not played at Moral Tales is Purple Pills by D12.  Which is unfortunate. But I think that resident DJ’S Gaybar and True Skills(Who is in the newspaper this week) mainly focus on debonair and  elegant dance musics. I would possibly be able to convince DJ Detox that the only rap song of the night should be Eminem’s ode to XTC. But Detox is in Winnipig  doing whatever the fuck people do in places that are really fucking cold.

So filling in for DJ Detox will be Max Wowch. Max is good at making clothes. So he runs a clothing company called Wowch. Max also has a radio program in New York City. His show Pizza Party Airs on East Village Radio Thursday’s 4-6 pm.

Moral Tales is Free and At the Summit.
(Detox you need to get a Fidget house rap xtc set together. Pillz and Purple Pillz are my first two suggestions.)

Moral Tales Tonight @ The Summit

Whats that song I heard at the Treasure Fingers thing? We gonna do drugs We are gonna get fucked. And we are gonna do it all tonight?  Something like that. It’s by some group Ocelot. Treasure Fingers did a remix.Our Time?  Seems to be a good sentiment. Anyway. Tonight marks the launch of a new chapter of Columbus Dance parties. This time it groups Sweatin Promoter Scotty with Get RIght’s DJ Detox, True Skills fresh of his Andyland Wexner Center show with RJD2, and Pillowtalk’s Gaybar.

Expect the music to go everywhere from Abba to Kraftwerk to Dub to Moroder to Kano to DFA to New Wave to French House to Electro to DJ Funk to Blog Bmore wih some Exotic pyschdelic funk to boot. True Skills even has this sweet dance verison of Joliene.

Last time these people combined efforts it looked like this. Disco dunston.

Moral Tales on Myspace.com

Interpol vs. Gaybar

interpol.jpg I decided to not go to last night’s Interpol show. I had purchased a large amount of beauty supplies from Sunflower in the Gateway Wellness Area’s clearance sale. So applying a beauty mask while bumping Gucci Mane seemed more fun.

While I was rinsing with warm water to open my pores up, I remembered a funny story about Interpol. It was around the time of the 2004 Election. I was helping Downtown 4 Democracy throw events because I am a vegan activist. We threw an afterparty for Interpol’s Newport Music Hall show at Bento. I think a guy from the Secret Machines was dejaying. Who knows. Carlos Dangler and company showed up and I think Chris Lustko coerced Carlos Dangler and Interpol to go to a house party. I think maybe at Liam’s house.

Anyway, I was rolling with Daymon, Levdon, maybe Kate Fink, and the homie Gaybar in the white van that Daymon never asked for gas money to fill-up.

Gaybar and I had become friend because him, Thug Mayor, Boxhead, Taco Mouse, and Big Marty wrote silly ass graffiti everywhere. The combination of vandalism and comedy was a dream come true to me. So we became pretty tight quickly.

Carlos Dangler and Interpol came to the party hoping to get some Buckeye sex. But they had regressed into aging hipster lack of game. Basically, you stand around, and hope someone recognizes you, because you lack the ability to talk anymore.

Finally, a girl comes over to the still in costume Interpol.
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