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Polaris Amphitheater demolition nearly complete

Columbus Business First reports that Germain Amphitheater, which most people still refer to as Polaris Amphitheater, is nearly gone. All that remains is the steel pavilion.

Developer NP Ltd. bought the property for $5.5 million earlier this year. From Business First:

“That pavilion is major amounts of steel. It takes a lot to do that,” [NP managing director Franz Geiger] said. “We’ve taken down all the graffitied buildings and the ancillary buildings.” NP hasn’t decided what it will do with the site, though Geiger expects it to be a mixed-use development, he said.

See Cary Whitt’s two sets of Polaris post-mortem pics before the demolition began.

Germain/Polaris Amphitheater property sold for $5.5M

Pretty soon the former Germain Amphitheater — a concert venue that’s become a haven for graffiti writers — will be redeveloped. From the Dispatch:

The long-vacant and graffiti-covered Germain Amphitheater and surrounding acreage has been purchased for $5.5 million by Polaris-area developer NP Limited.

The developer has long had its eye on the 90-acre property, which went on the market in 2006, about a year before the final concert at the Far North Side amphitheater that once drew big crowds to see country music and rock ’n’ roll’s biggest stars.

“We looked at it several times in the past, but could never get comfortable with the price,” said Franz Geiger, managing director of NP Limited, developer of the area known as the Polaris Centers of Commerce. “Then, the opportunity was right to buy it at what we thought was a fair price.”

In addition to the $5.5 million sale price, Geiger said there were about $1 million in additional costs for taxes and other fees owed by the owner of the property, Live Nation, a California-based entertainment company. (full story

Abandoned music amphitheater photos: Polaris Amphitheater post-mortem, part II

Back in July, we showed you some pics shot by photographer Cary Whitt after hopping the barricade at the now-vacant Polaris/Germain Amphitheater here in Columbus. Well, Cary went back over the weekend to see how much things have changed in the past six months. Turns out it’s changed quite a bit: much more graffiti, piles of uprooted seats, some charred remains from fires, etc. Check it out.

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Abandoned music amphitheater photos: Polaris Amphitheater, post-mortem

Polaris/Germain Amphitheater played host to a whole bunch of big names before closing in 2007. Nobody has bought the land, so the shell is still there. Cary Whitt took some shots over the weekend:

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