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Gibson Brothers, New Bomb Turks, Scrawl to Play at Columbus’ Parking Lot Blow Out

Gibson Brothers
Gibson Brothers

This year’s Parking Lot Blow Out @ Surly Girl, hosted by the Columbus Music Co-Op is bringing out all the big bands of yesteryear for one huge event. Headlining (in no particular order) will be New Bomb Turks, Scrawl, and The Gibson Brothers. Save the date: Saturday, July 10.

Each one of those bands headlining ALONE would make this a special event, but having all three under one tent is just insane.

New Bomb Turks play 1-2 shows in Columbus every year, if you’re lucky.

Scrawl plays every other year? Maybe even less than that.

Okay, so here’s the thing….. The Gibson Brothers haven’t played a show for 18 years! That is two years less than 20.

If you don’t know who the Gibson Brothers are, or why this is a big deal, this piece Mark Wyatt wrote for us will give you some background on the band. Basically if you’re into bands like JSBE or White Stripes, or any other band that has a twinge of garage sound to them, chances are they were inspired by the Gibson Brothers.

More bands to be announced soon. Book your flights now.

Overlooked in Ohio: Vol. 2 (Gibson Bros.)

Editor’s note: “Overlooked in Ohio” is a feature in which we ask an Ohio-based artist or music enthusiast to tell us about a few bands (past or present) from the state of Ohio that deserve some love. Our second installment comes courtesy of Mark Wyatt, former member of seminal Columbus band Great Plains and One Riot One Ranger; these days you’ll find him singing behind the keyboard with The Beatdowns and Columbus Power Squadron. Here are Mark’s reflections on and recollections of the Gibson Brothers.


MP3: The Gibson Brothers – Big Pine Boogie off the 1987 cassette The Gibson Bros. Build a Raft (via Minimum Tillage Farming)

Jeez, where do I begin with these guys? At the beginning, I suppose. My brother Matt and I first met the eventual “lead” guitarist of the Gibbies, Don Howland, at a Ramones show in Cincinnati in the late 70’s; he was hawking his fanzine Shake It! to the folks in line (don’t hold me to that title…confirming it would require me to dig into my basement “archives”), we got to talking, realized we were fairly kindred spirits, and started a friendship which continues to this day. A friendship, I might add, that even endured him being a founding member of Great Plains, despite the fact that he didn’t like the band well enough to even use his real name on the first record.

I already knew Dan Dow (the GB’s acoustic rhythm guitarist) from Mole’s Records, although the guy always played it so close to the vest that it’s hard to say I really *knew* him… I can’t recall when I met front man “Country Jeff” Evans or minimalist drummer Ellen Hoover, but I suspect it was when Jeff moved in with my next-door neighbor, the aforementioned Mr. Dow. I used to see Jeff coming back from the South Drive-In flea market on summer Saturday mornings, more often than not carrying some bizarre old amp or guitar, and I’d see Ellen and Jeff coming back from dates in one of Jeff’s two ancient Cadillacs, the choice of which depended on which one was actually running at the time.

So, seeing as how they were all friends and/or neighbors, of course I checked out this Gibson Brothers thing when they first played out.

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