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Video: Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Eyes of Blue

I’ve not seen Gil Mantera’s Party Dream in awhile. I MISS U DUDES.

Weakened Wrap-up #17: America’s Next Top Blogger

Pictured: Built to Spill@The Newport

Bloggers/journalists are the worst thing. Oh man. i mean do you really think anything you have to say is more important than the thing I’m in the middle of? Like I give a fuck bout your website. I was in the middle of something important before you oh so kindly interjected. Maybe there was a reason your interview requests weren’t granted. Fuuuuuck.

Oh hey how’s it going? I’m feeling better thanks for asking. I meant to do this last week but after going to see that “Paranormal Activity” pos@Studio 35 and purchasing Them Crooked Vulture tickets upon arriving home, I awoke on Tuesday morning feeling as though I was hit by a Mac truck. That being said, I had no motivation to do anything so I decided to neatly(weakly) wrap up two weeks of shows at one go. I’m talkin Built to Spill, ipps, Buffalo Killers, Brainbow, The Lindsay, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Jemina Pearl and some website that makes Cringe look like Pitchfork. You know what to do. Continue reading


(Duffy note: The following historical account of events written in this column took place the week of April 11)

Pictured: stardeath and white dwarfs@Circus


I grow weirder by the day as does my life. I totally embrace this weirdness and can only imagine how stoked you are to read about it. I saw a bunch of weird bands, a bunch of weird people and a bunch of weird stuff happened or something.

OH MAN MY LIFE Continue reading

New Gil Mantera’s Party Dream: Waking Vision


Obama is president and the world now has a new Gil Mantera’s Party Dream album titled Dreamscape. I am not sure if they’re related, but both of these things bring me happiness.

Starting today, the album is available as a digital download over here. They’ll have CDs for sale once the tour starts.

The band is releasing this album on their own, so be sure to give them your cash. Here’s one of the songs to whet your whistle:

MP3: Waking Vision

Keep reading for tour dates… Continue reading