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Ginuwine Wants Round, Purple Women To Show-Off


You know why Ginuwine keeps on his mind besides babes?

Donewaiting! If you recall DW celebrated Ginuwine week the last time he was  in town because we like extended metaphors about “Ponys” and sex. Horny does in fact rhyme with pony.

Well, Ginuwine, the thoughful heart throb, took some time out of his busy day to personally tell his publicist to email me this interview he did with Amanda Diva. In this interview, Ginuwine tells women that “no matter what shape or size, white, brown, purple or green” that they should be comfortable “Showing-off”. 

Hopefully, when the new album ” A Man’s Thoughts” drops  June 23rd Ginuwine will grace our fair-city with his understanding and encouragement.

Ginuwine Week Pt. 3

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Ginuwine & Sole’

It took me a second to post today’s installment of Ginuwine week because it came to my attention via Mike Detox that Ginuwine isn’t actually a bachleor, even though the Cove’s advertisement claiming that he is. He is married to Sole’. Not to be confused with Anticon’s Sole.

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Sole from Anticon.

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Sole’ & Ginuwine

I will forgive the Cove for the false advertisement because my favorite R & B songs often involve domestic disputes ala Kels’ “Real Talk” or Usher’s “Confession” series. So maybe Ginuwine will cheat on Sole’ and there will be a song involving Columbus and someone’s lieing ass friends.

Ginuwine Week PT.2

This next post is devoted to jeans. The homie DCKareem is opening up his boutique Milk Bar on 5th and High. I guess he has organic jeans coming at a decent price. We have all been kicking it there. Today I saw plenty of clothing that would look cute and sexually attractive on females. Milk Bar is having a grand opening party this Saturday, during Gallery Hop, before the Ginuwine show at the Cove.

I felt like it was only right that we talk about those girl “In those Jeans”. Ginuwine knows what it is. And once again we find our hero, Ginuwine, crossing cultural barriers. This time he is in a Geisha house. Even though its about women with large glutes, and how they look in their denimwares, there are also scantly clad women in kinomos. I would have rather just have women in tight jeans, but it would’nt have been as groundbreaking and trancendent if it followed my narrow world view.

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Ginuwine:In Those Jeans

Ginuwine Week on Donewaiting.com

R & B Hearthrob Ginuwine is performing at the Cove this Saturday. So I , the King of R & B, have declared it Ginuwine week. So everyday(or until Robert Duffy sends me an email telling me that while he thinks its kinda funny, Ginuwine is not interesting to any reader of this website other than maybe Sam Craighead) I will be posting a video by Ginuwine.

This one possesses the great use of an equestrian euphanism, and perhaps one most romantic hooks in the history of music. The premise for the video is genuis as well. Our hero, Ginuwine, is errantly booked to peform at country bar. At first the usual patrons of the bar are skeptical, but eventually Ginuwine’s vibrations win the reguars over, as they begin to dance with our hero’s fans.

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