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R.I.P. Rammellzee


Rammellzee passed away yesterday. Rammellzee is probably best known for Beat Bop, the above record that Basquit did the cover for. He was also in Stranger than Paradise. Rammellzee bboyd, wrote graffiti and rapped. You might remember him as the dood freestyling with a shotgun at the end of Wild Style
He became an scuplter, painter and performance artist. Or maybe he always was.
Bboy, graffiti and rapping could all fall into those categories.
He was big on the idea that letters were symbols in a intergalatic war of language,
Regardless Rammelzee was one of the orginal weirdo’s in Hip Hop so put him in a cannon that includes Sun-Ra, MF Doom and the Rza. He was assicioated with Afro-Futurism, but he called himself a Gothic Futurist..

I high suggest you listen to this podcast Uncommon Radio did with a very throurough interview with Rammelzee. He talks about the history of hip hop, method acting/skitzophrenia, being selftaugfht,creating mythology and tons of other uber-interesting things.
Think Sugarhill Gang Meets Philip K Dick.

MP3:Uncommon Radio interviews Rammelzee

And also read Uncommonmusic.net’s blog about interacting with Rammelzee.