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Warner Bros. & Vice Launch 3-Year Partnership. Releasing Gucci Mane/V-Nasty Team-Up December 13th

In a rematch made in Hell, Warner Brothers and Vice Records have teamed up for a 3-Year deal.

And on December 13th they are releasing a BAYTL, a mixtape that teams up Bricksquad’s Gucci Mane, with Questionable Kreayshawn White Girl Mob Affialiate V-Nasty.

Yes, this is a record made for/ by the girl that almost everyone has sex with but doesn’t want to admit it…. Every graffiti writer that crashes on someone’s couch looking for drugs, taco bell and sex while bumping Sourthern rap—every graffiti writer on the planet but me….. This is your fault and basically your album. Be careful now, though that girl finally has a voice, and she can go do something weird like hook-up with the Gucci Mane and make you obsolete/scared after she steals your weed or does it to your friend..

Listen to Gucci Mane’s/Slim Dunkin/V-Nasty F-U stolen from  Vice.com.

Pre-order the BAYTL Mixtape/TSHIRT BUNDLE

Fuck… blame Vice and now Warner Brothers…tracklisting and more info on this unholy team-up after the jump.

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MP3-Gucci Mane ft Talib Kweli-Poltergeist

MP3:Gucci Mane Ft Talib Kweli-Poltergiest

Zaytovan you know you run Hip Hop
1-2-3 Gucci and Talib Kweli
best alliance in Hip Hop, burr and well damn.
Gucci Mane and Kweli team up to make a song, Poltergeist.

Major Lazer at Boma Tonight aka Sooon aka LGBNAF

video of diplo last time in columins

YouTube Preview Image

Dear Diplo & Switch,

Thanks you for making me okay with tanning. I’m dubbing tonight an honorary Satanic Spring Break,

Also thanks to your mixtape triphoppers know who Gucci Mane is.

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Diplo Presents :Free Gucci(The Best of the Cold War Mixtapes)

Gucci Mane &DiploWell damn….
Download it at the Mad Decent Website here.

Video:Gucci Mane Feat Souljah Boy Tell’em & Waka Flocka Flame-Bingo

Another video from the consensus album of the year, Gucci Manes-Strate Vs Radric Davis.

YouTube Preview Image

Gucci Mane, Souljah Boy Tell’em and Columbus’ new favorite rapper Woka Flocka Flame.

Song is called Bingo. Produced by the white dood who got kicked out the Roots and dumped by Lil Kim. The world’s funniest looking man, Scott Storch.

Diplo to Remix Gucci Mane Mixtapes

Burr. Burr.
First the Dips and Wu get down with the Black Keys on Blakroc
Then them Weedsteeler boys were doing their thizzle at the Wakka Flokka show now…
Smiles for miles when I opened this press release from Gucci Mane’s label.
Diplo x Gucci Mane plus Mad Decent “Free Gucci Mane” Shirts


Burbank, CA – Legendary Philadelphia DJ Diplo has announced that he will remix Gucci Mane’s acclaimed Cold War mixtape series. The Grammy nominated producer and songwriter (M.I.A’s “Paper Planes,” 2008) signed on for the project to support the Decemburrrr 8th release of Gucci Mane’s The State Vs. Radric Davis in light of the rapper’s recent legal woes.  The remix album will incorporate Diplo’s unique fusion of electronic, hip-hop, reggae and Brazilian carioca inspirations. 
“Gucci Mane is an underdog, and a divisive artist,” says Diplo. “I thought it would be cool to have a bunch of kids and weirdos do some mixes of his songs. We all are fans and we are from different scenes. Gucci is a rapper that doesn’t try and be anything he is not; he’s straight up. Maybe it’s ironic and all, but I’m just a fan and have been since day one. Gucci Mane is the cool uncle I never had even though I’m pretty sure I am older than him.”

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O.J. Da Juiceman Interview


When ex-Dipset member Chubby Baby left the C-O,  the rotound alleged drug kingpin left a large void in the hearts of Columbus.  Don’t get me wrong. People still fuck with the Dips. (Really looking forward to Cam’ron next video, “I Used to Get it in Ohio)

 But the Dipset presence was partially diminished by not  having a local lieutinant. This absence was soon filled by Atlanta Trap-star Gucci Mane. Gucci didn’t live in Columbus. But he came here so often it seemed like he did. Then, oops,Gucci Mane got locked up again. Gucci’s penchant for incarceration put the sentiment of our cities’  tall tee, fresh fade and  J’s crowd with his So Icey-bff Atlanta’s O.J. Da Juiceman.

I talked to O.J. on the phone yesterday about various things. We chopped it up about his new album the Other Side of the Trap, him getting shot 8 times, hustling with Gucci Mane, and Souljah Boy biting his adlibs.

Columbus loves you. Why do you think we fuck with you so hard. People love the Cuilinary Arts Mixtapes?

They see me working the skreets. I did 16 mixtapes. Skreet shit.  I did this independent. I’m from the skreets. The skreets feel my struggle.

So What’s the Other Side of the Trap?

It’s a skreet album. Before I was doing mixtapes. But this is me. 100 percent. I was in the skreets before. Now I am making rap money. The Other Side is rap money. This is letting them get to know me. I got another album in June.

Do you worry that now you are on a Major people are gonna get mad?

No cause the skreets saw me build this success. This is just a distribution deal. I been doing this in skreets since 1999. 16 Mixtapes. They happy to see me shine.

Is the album better than the mixtapes?

I had more time. I am a quick writer. More time made the album better.

You have a song the on the album called Batman. After you got shot 8 times in April, you compared yourself to Wolverine…

I was fucked up. They asked for a comment right after I got shot. So I made a joke about ‘I’m like Wolverine’. Shot on Sunday. Out the hospital on Wednesday. Show on Sunday.I just get stronger. It was a joke. I got shot on Sunday. Got out the hospital on Wednesday. Did a show on Saturday in Cincinnati.

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Ginger Skate Video Premiere Tonight at The Summit

YouTube Preview Image

Iglu is to Columbus skateboarding what Gucci Mane is to being an XTC popping aquitted murderer. I am sure there are some murderers that have killed more people but who cares about them. Last year I interviewed some Iglu and Embassy doods for the Alive before their last video premiere around this time. That video never came out because Franz somehow managed to catch his computer on fire. So this is a different video. It’s called Ginger. I talked to Embassy Boardshop owner Eric Barkow last night. He said the Ginger video is “good”.

You can watch the above trailer if you want to.

Low Bee or OJ Da Juice Man?

It you truely exist within the Columbus Rock No Roll community you will undoubtely will be at the Summit this evening for the Rock N Roll Buffet. It’s a Columbus tradition that I never attended because I only like 23 bands in Columbus so I have no desire to see them playing musicks with people I have no interest in seeing. But thats just me. It’s a special night for the city that is good for the community and morale. All sarcasm aside. It’s wonderful how happy it makes people.

But if are you like me..really bored rap fan… then your dilemma is: do you go see Low Budget of the Hollatronix or OJ Da Juiceman. Now seeing Low B is huge for me because he along with Diplo popularized the idea of playing various regional musics and indie rock together after intuitively picking the idea of playing music that is good, and has real energy to it would prolly be fun. Remember when you would go to indie rock parties and they would just sit around listening to Deltron or James Brown. And you would have the Clipse “Grindin”, Chopped and screwed Al Green or N.O.R.E.’s Homeboy, I Came to Party on your walkman bored as shit at how stuffy everything was. Then Low Budget and Diplo dropped a bunch of mixtapes and made hipsters actually fun to be around? Well, I thank Low Budget for that even though now so-called hipsters seem to uninspired at this point because they are stuck on having Crunk in their system. And really safe. Like Kool Keith was up in here…yeah yeah yeah. But thats a different story.

So then..the true hipster would know the place to be is Club Static where OJ.Da Juiceman is playing. OJ Da Juiceman is Gucci Mane’ friend/possibley brother. And since Gucci Mane like OJ Simpson is in jail now, in the great Columbus tradition of going hard on some hoodshit; OJ Da Juiceman comes to Columbus once every two months and packs rooms. So if you really want to be in touch with your cities’ pulse then O.J. Da Juiceman is the only place to be. The only problem is that O.J. Da Juiceman  kinda sucks. He isn’t funny in the like this guy isn’t all there —-like Gucci. But it’s still beautiful that Columbus goes hard for Gucci like it did for the Dips.It’s not like OJ Da Juiceman is on the radio. Couple that with the fact Gucci Mane prolly sold less records that Brother Ali his last time out, then Columbus is real cool.

But catch me at Low Bee because he is one of the most influential dejays of our time. And it’s Milk Bar’s 1 year anniversary. You know the place that did things so right Lebron James thru a party there….

Here is an OJ Da Juiceman video.

YouTube Preview Image

Gucci Mane & Rick Ross In Columbus Tomorrow

A lot of people are riding pretty hard for “The Boss'”, Rick Ross decision to not wear a shirt.

I still am partial to a shirtless Gucci Mane. While Ross gets points for being super fat and having cool looking tatts, I feel like some sort of stylist gets paid 250 dollars an hour to make sure his stomach is angled correct and the right oils are applied. Continue reading