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MP3: Guided by Voices – “Class Clown Spots a UFO”

MP3: Guided by Voices – Class Clown Spots a UFO

The Nelsonville Music Festival is now upon us, and while I’m excited to check out Kurt Vile and others tonight, Guided by Voices gets me downright giddy. In anticipation of Bob Pollard’s classic GBV lineup hitting the main stage tonight at midnight, here’s new track “Class Clown Spots a UFO” from the album of the same name, out June 12, and 7″ single out May 15. Rolling Stone premiered the track this week and gave this background on the song’s origin, which can be traced back to GBV’s early days:

The earliest version of the tune, called “Crocker’s Favorite Song,” was penned by Robert Pollard back in the late Eighties, and another version ended up on the cutting room floor when the band made their 1994 classic Bee Thousand. Alternate recordings with the newer title appeared on three different GBV compilations. When the mid-Nineties lineup of the band reunited, they revised and re-recorded the song, which now has a polish and harmonic complexity lacking in earlier renditions.

Give it a listen, and see you tonight in Nelsonville…

Donewaiting 9: Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

MP3: My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up)

The more your hear about the origin of Old Columbus bands, the more you realize how many of them formed accidentally, the result of spontaneity and serendipity. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments was one such band. On a night about 20 years ago, soon after the dissolution of Ron House’s previous band, Great Plains, a band playing Stache’s ended early.

The story could have ended right there. Everyone at the bar could have just continued to get drunk and/or gone home. Instead, though, House and Girly Machine guitarist Bob Petric hopped on stage with some friends, borrowed the idle guitars and amps and started jamming on blues riffs. “We just kind of jumped up out of sheer boredom,” Petric said when I interviewed him last year. But something clicked, and they decided to do it again. And again. (Sound familiar?)

“It was kind of a fuck-off band for a couple of years where we just got together and jammed,” House said last summer. “The Columbus scene was really taking off—like the New Bomb Turks, Gaunt. So I didn’t have to do very much, just shout and scream and people would notice us locally. The whole scene was a more brutal, punkier scene. There was enough things going on that all we had to do was just go out and play and things would happen for us.” Continue reading

Classic Guided by Voices lineup records new album

According to Mojo, it’ll be out on New Year’s Day:

Guided By Voices classic ’90s line-up will release an album of new material in January 2012.

The cult, low-fi heroes – Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Greg Demos, Mitch Mitchell and Kevin Fennell – have returned to the studio to record Let’s Go Eat The Factory. It will be this line-up’s first new LP since 1996’s fan favourite Under The Bushes, Under The Stars. The band have just completed a year-long reunion tour.

Let’s Go Eat The Factory will be released on January 1, 2012.

Here’s the modest (by GBV standards at any rate) 21-strong track list:

Laundry And Lasers
The Head
Doughnut For A Snowman
Hang Mr. Kite
God Loves Us
The Unsinkable Fats Domino
Who Invented The Sun
The Big Hat And Toy Show
Imperial Racehorsing
How I Met My Mother
My Europa
Chocolate Boy
The Things That Never Need
Either Nelson
Cyclone Utilities (Remember Your Birthday)
Old Bones
Go Rolling Home
The Room Taking Shape
We Won’t Apologize For The Human Race

Video: Guided by Voices – Gold Star for Robot Boy (Live at Pitchfork)

Interview: Mazes

MP3:Mazes – Vampire Jive (live)

Many apologies for my absence from Donewaiting in the past few months. Now that I’m comfortably settling into English life in this massive city, the time has arrived to continue contributing my two cents…

London-based Mazes have been generating quite a buzz. Between being signed to Fat Cat Records in November (making them label mates with recent Fat Cat addition Psychedelic Horseshit of Columbus), getting some badass BBC Radio 1 airplay and prepping for their new record (releasing on April 11th), they’re well on their way to having a busy and exciting year.

Coming from a tight-knit network of musicians and ambitious youngsters, they are just the kind of band a city like Columbus can really get behind. (And much to our glee they cite Guided by Voices as a major influence; just listen to the song in the video.) I recently caught up with vocalist/guitarist Jack Cooper who told me a little more about the band and their role in the London DIY scene.

DW: So Mazes has been going for a couple of years. How has it evolved since the beginning?

Cooper: In the beginning it was just Jarin and I. I suppose the Adam and Eve of Mazes. The analogy stops there but we did give birth to a lot of good stuff and some bad stuff as well. We found Conan and Neil along the way and so much the better. It’s better having four of us, but y’know, more stuff can go wrong now.

DW: You come from a strong DIY scene. How has it nurtured bands like yours?

Cooper: The people, labels and bands that we’ve been involved with from the start are incredibly supportive and helpful. If we have some sort of problem, someone else has always been there to offer advice. It’s nice and comforting having friends with similar hopes and goals maybe…but saying that, people are usually friends with dudes who have similar interests. Continue reading

New Posters from Clinton Reno: My Morning Jacket at Terminal 5, Guided By Voices in Columbus

Some sweet new posters by our bestie Clinton Reno:

My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5 – SOLD OUT

Guided By Voices @ Outland – CLICK HERE TO BUY

Reno’s got a show in Columbus coming up soon.

Photos: Guided by Voices in Columbus

Words by Joel
The consensus for the Guided by Voices show in Columbus on Saturday night seems to be: Great show from the band, awesome set list, not bad sound… terrible venue environment — namely, the obnoxious security dudes. But even with security constantly harassing Cary for taking pictures (he had a photo pass) and smoking (he doesn’t smoke), he got some pretty cool shots that capture the sweaty performance. (One unexpected highlight for me: Pollard doing a pre-show version of “Teenage FBI” with the opener, Nick Mitchell. Love that song, but didn’t think I’d get to hear it on a “classic” GBV night.)

More pics, a mostly complete set list and a link to hear the show after the jump. Continue reading

Video: Guided by Voices + Times New Viking – “A Salty Salute” (Live in Chicago)

YouTube Preview Image

Guided by Voices @ Outland Live in Columbus TONIGHT. Yesssss

MP3: Times New Viking – “No Room to Live”

MP3: Times New Viking – No Room to Live

I became a TNV believer a while ago, but this new track blew me away. Really dreamy vibe with milky vocals and even an acoustic base track. And yeah, it’s got a studio sound instead of a 4-track sound. But it’s that super-warm, analog studio sound that CDR‘s Adam Smith (above left) gets out of Musicol. Can’t wait to hear all the songs that came out of the sessions there.

“No Room to Live” is on a handmade, tour-only seven-inch (w/ “Nite & Day”) that you can snag while the trio finishes up the first leg of a tour with that one band from Dayton… (Unfortunately Times New Viking isn’t opening the Guided by Voices show at Outland Live on Saturday, but the band promises they’ll have copies for Columbus.) CMJ and (competing?) #Offline festival appearances soon, too.

And Times New Viking has a new website (and Facebook and Twitter). Web presence! Also looks like Wichita will be handling things in the UK/Europe.

Photo courtesy Kevin Elliott’s Flickr

Guided By Voices Launches Digital Store

It may not be as rewarding as winning eBay auctions and digging through crates, but you can now easily own just about everything recorded by Guided by Voices and Bob Pollard thanks to their new online digital store.

Although, it seems like Relaxation of the Asshole is not available yet.