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Watch: Gunplay Goes Fishing

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MMG’s Gunplay recently got into a fistight with members of G-Unit at the BET Awards and told TMZ he wants to kill 50 Cent. Besides threatening Curtis Jackson with death Gunplay also enjoys to fish while listening to Country Music.

Video- Gunplay – “Criminology”

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Gunplay goes in on Rae & Ghost’s “Criminology” beat nicely.  This is off  Gunplay’s “601 & Snort”. If you like Waka Flocka’s message but he isn’t lyrical enough for you than Gunplay is your man. If you like Meek Mill but would rather do drugs than sell them then you should listen to Gunplay. If you haven’t liked any rappers in your life but Trick Daddy and ODB you should listen to Gunplay.

Download: Gunplay “601 & Snort” Mixtape

Download Gunplay’s  “601 & Snort” from Live Mixtapes and you will not be disappointed. Gunplay is the perfect rapper for anyone who messes with Rick Ross, Waka and Wu-Tang.

After jump you could watch two videos for Take This off  “601 & Snort”. Be advised they are both pretty irresponsible.

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