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Download: Sweet Valley – “Eternal Champ”

Credit: Dan Monick

Download: Sweet Valley – Eternal Champ

Ok, Sweet Valley is hold-up. Wait. Ok.

So Nathan Williams of Wavves put out some records, toured the world and then bought himself a house. His lil bro bro was Kynan chillin’ at their parents San Diego crib-o making electronic pop music. Nathan Williams told Kynan Williams that he would let him move out of his parent’s spot and into the new crib  for free under the condition that Kynan would work on this Sweet Valley project with him.  I guess they bonded over Shadow, Dipset, Dilla and DJ Screw. The press release doesn’t say that Nathan smoked Kynan out. It does say Kynan is 5 years’ younger than Nathan and Nathan did not want Kynan to steal his weed.

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GZA’s Official SXSW Showcase Backed By Grupo Fantasma With M.O.P., Jet Life & More

GZA backed by 10 a piece latin funk orchestra? Then read the rest of those names?

The showcase will take place on Saturday March 17, 2012 at Haven, located at 409 Colorado , Austin . Doors at 8pm.

For more information, visit SXSW.com

MP3: Fly Union “The Hard Way”

Hand typography and photo by Slave For Yourself

MP3: The Hard Way (THW)

Fly Union comes with a Jay Swifa produced beauty The Hard Way. Also peep  Fly Union’s interview with Karmaloop,  where the Columbus rap group discuss TGTC,  the pro and cons of going the indie, cologne in the studio and also accidently meeting the GZA in NYC.

GZA’s Current European Tour Includes A Lecture At Oxford (U.K.) This Weekend

Dear Gordon Gee,

The GZA spoke at Harvard. Now, he is speaking at Oxford(U.K.) on January 28th about his beginnings as an MC, his Clan, his inspiration, his process, LIQUID SWORDS, and the state of hip hop. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A. I think OSU needs to compete with these reputable schools and bring the GZA to Columbus. Maybe he could play Liquid Swords while he is town. Or maybe he will do songs off his upcoming Baby Grande Release.


Wes Flexner

European Dates After The Jump

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MP3: GZA at Harvard Lecture

photo courtesy of Sophia Chang

MP3: GZA’s Lecture at Harvard (via the Crypt)

As reported last week, the Gza met with M.I.T  Scientists and lectured the Black Men’s Forum at Harvard to gain inspiration for his upcoming album. You are probably as curious as I…How did it go? According to the Gza’s publicist:

GZA talked about childhood influences like nursery rhymes, The Last Poets, kung fu movies, particularly Bruce Lee. He also discussed a broad range of inspirations: “the unique complex design of a spiderweb”; sports, though he’s not a fan, led him to write “Queen’s Gambit” in which he uses the names of many football teams; television forensics shows opened the door to “Exploitation of a MIstake.” To the delight of the audience, GZA cited rhymes from the aforementioned songs as well as a couple others.

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GZA to Build With the Harvard BMF and MIT Scientists In Preparation for His New Album on Babygrande

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA also calls himself the Genius. No one ever questions that. Put Liquid Swords on around me, and I will break down a zillion insights one can get from that album. Even when joking, the WU-Chappelle Show Skit about diversifing one’s options kinda was well, genius. And is there any question what the best scene in Coffee & Cigarettes is?

Well, the Genius is preparing to visit Cambridge, Mass to drop jewels and build with some of the brightest minds on the planet earth while gearing up for a new album in 2012.

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Video: GZA (Feat Wavves) “Liquid Swords” Live on Fuel TV

YouTube Preview Image

Wavves and the GZA were on Fuel TV last night. They played GZA’s classic song “Liquid Swords”
Billboard Magazine reported yesterday that Wavves will be the guest composer for MTV’s new show I Just Want My Pants Back which debuts after the MTV Video Music Awards, August 28th.
I Just Want My Pants Back pilot episode is directed by Dough Liman(“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. “Swingers”, “Go,” Bourne Identity”),  and based on David J. Rosen’s novel of the same name I Just Want My Pants Back. The series follows Jason Strider, played by Peter Vack, a 20 something living in Brooklyn struggling with sex, love. career and friendship. Jason puts his friends before his job as a casting agent, and doesn’t pursue his dreams of being a music journalist.

Wavves next EP, Life Sux, will be released on his own label Ghost Ramp Septemeber 20th, 2011. Fucked Up and Best Coast guest on this EP.

Wavves and Fucked Up will play in Columbus at Skullys September 28th.

50 Responds to GZA

50 Cent responds to GZA dissing him and SojlahBoyTellEm’.com calling the Genuis old, and also saying the RZA deserves all of Wu-Tang’s money because Cuuurtis thinks Wu-Tang were bunch of fools smoked out on Angel Dust. Liquid Swords is prolly my favorite rap album of all time but I can’t front; this 50 interview is pretty funny.
Listen Here:50 Responds to GZA
(Thanks Catalyst for sending the link.)

Gza Disses 50 Cent In Europe

YouTube Preview Image

The GZA tells 50 he is garbage from stage in Europe. Mildy disses Souljah Boy Tell Em. New Wu-Tang album in stores today. The album is pretty dope except for George Clinton still singing about being a dog. It’s 08 George Clinton. Please find a new animal. Be an aligator or a turtle. Anything. Just stop being a damn dog chasing a cat. Turn on that Planet Earth network. They got vampire squids.

Thats the only flaw on the new Wu.