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Wednesday in Columbus: Andymanathon Benefit

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MP3: Earwig – Trees

Every year around the holidays people in Columbus have rallied around Andyman Davis to raise money for CD101 for the Kids, and that hasn’t changed now that Andyman is gone. In fact, Andyman’s buddies from bands of Columbus past (and present) are stepping up to reunite for one night at the LC Pavilion just to raise money for CD101 for the Kids and the Andy Davis Memorial Fund. A quick rundown of who’s playing:

Howlin’ Maggie, fronted by former RC Mobster and Twilight Singer Happy Chichester. Not sure when the last Howlin Maggie reunion was, but it’s been over a year, I think. That’s the band’s 1996 video for “Alchohol” up there. Ex-major label.

Watershed has never officially “broke up,” but with co-writer/singer Joe Oestreich living out of state, gigs have been few and far between. Oestreich and Colin Gawel know their way around a hook, and it made them one of the most well-known and well-liked bands in the city. Like Cheap Trick meats Replacements. I don’t know of many Columbus bands Andyman loved more than Watershed. Also ex-major label.

Earwig is still alive and kicking, releasing its latest, Gibson Under Mountain, in May. Lizard McGee’s songwriting is remarkably consistent. Check out Chip’s Gibson breakdown if you missed it. And make sure you download the leadoff track, “Trees,” at the top of the post. Andyman always gave Earwig tons of support on CD101. Continue reading

Donewaiting 7 Year RJD2 Photos

rjd2 on twitter about his columbus show

Thanks bustown, last nite was all the way live. Word to the wise: if your chest is hella will farrell, jumping on stage w no shirt=bad look.

rj twitter again:

@wesflexner @donewaiting thanks for setting last nite up PROPERRRRR.

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Happy Chichester

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Let’s not forget that Columbus’ Happy Chichester is one of the openers for Friday’s RJD2/Donewaiting.com 7-year Anniversary show. If you’re not hip to Happy (for shame!), he was in Columbus rock/funk act Royal Crescent Mob in the ’80s and early ’90s, fronted Howlin’ Maggie til around 2002, was an original member of The Twilight Singers and also played often with Greg Dulli in The Afghan Whigs. So the dude has a pedigree.

Happy does the solo thing now. His last release was 2007’s Lovers Come Back, but he’s kept busy doing solo gigs and playing as part of RJ’s touring band, which also includes multi-instrumentalist Derek DiCenzo and Sam Brown (You’re So Bossy, The Sun, Gaunt, New Bomb Turks.) In Friday’s incarnation, you’ll usually find Chichester on keys, DiCenzo on percussion & knob-twiddling and Brown on drums.

Just a bit of history and a Happy reminder.

RJD2-Let There Be Horns Video & Donewaiting 7 Year Ticket Info

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(Directed by Thom Ghunt)
One of the funniest videos in a minute..
. RJD2’s-Let There Be Horns is a good sign that RJ’s new record, The Colossus, will be, well, good. The Colossus drops 1/19.
I like the shitty look RJ gives the bull. Ima guess this isn’t the last we have seen of the bull.

Regardless, you can catch RJ @:

Donewaiting.com’s 7 Year Anniversary Line-up in Columbus on Friday, February 5:



Tickets available in Columbus at

Magnolia Thunderpussy
1155 N. High Street

Or you can buy them online.

Reno poster coming soon.

Weakened Wrap-up #12: Comfest Edition

Pictured: Brainbow w/Lara Yazvac@Comfest

Oh man Comfest...or something like that. Basically there are a number of ways to go about Comfest. You can camp out somewhere in the park on a blanket, go check out bands with “clever” band names, wander around aimlessly running into people you know and drink booze and eat food and not pay attention to any bands, or you can hang out at the Offramp Stage all weekend like I pretty much did and watch bands that you know will be good.

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