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Higher Level Art’s Talk @ TEDxCincy About Transforming Spaces

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Ohio based art collective Higher Level Art spoke to TEDxCincy  earlier this month about transforming sometimes sterile spaces like classrooms and corporate offices into vibrant and engaging creative zones via technics learned from their graffiti experience.

Graffiti: Bencher’s Union 2012 Erie, Pa

Bencher’s Union is an annual Hip Hop Showcase in Erie, Pa. Higher Level Art helped organize a graffiti mural that stretches from Peach Street to Sassafrass St and the Bridges at the event. Looks like IOK, PBJ, RA, NSF, MUL, ESE  and a few others participated.

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Ohio-based collective Higher Level Art pays tribute with this “Good Apples Better the Bunch” Steve Jobs graffiti mural.

Check out the entire Steve Jobs “Good Apples Better the Bunch” Memorial mural after the jump

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Higher Level Art’s Mindblowing Mural at the 2011 Cincinnati Fringe Festival

The above video has the good dudes over at Higher Level Art doing a pretty fresh performance piece at this year’s Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

During the duration of the 10-day festival they create a mural goes through a zillion stages of graffiti.. Starting from tags, then moved on to fill-ins to rollers to a full scale production to eventually a layering of a buffed wall after getting dicked.

The only way this mural is completely enjoyed is through this video.

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Higher Level Art Show at the Milk Bar Tonight

Higher Level Art is throwing an art show at the Milk Bar tonight 5-10 pm.
On the low, this art show has some really internationally famous artists involved.
On the er Higher Level uhm, here are links to Higher Level Art’s mural welcoming T.O. to the Bengals and their Paint the Street Art Project.
Johnny Cashola and DJ Detox will provide the music.
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Community and Artists Gather to “Paint The Street” in Over the Rhine Cincinnati

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My friend Danny Babcock and 4 other artists got involved with Cincy’s Over the Rhine based non-profit Art Wave for this “Paint the Street” project last weekend. Above is a video of the painting taking place.
Here is a link to CNN’s report on “Paint the Street”.