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So What Wednesday’s One-Year Annivesary

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the Catalyst using various movie titles to let you know he will merk you.

The Catalyst will be performing tonight at So What Wednesdays, which will be celebrating its 1 Year Anniversday tonight. J-rawls  and Lo-Zone will be guest dejays alongside resident DJ Detox.  Blueprint will host.

Even though Bo(the Catalyst) spits that fire. The night has been about dejays from day 1.

MP3:So What Wednesdays Podcast w/DJ Detox & Pos 2

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DJ PRZM passed away. He had a lifelong heart problem that finally got the best of him. P moved to Cali last year in hopes of getting a heart transplant.

PRZM was a crucial force in Columbus Hip Hop. He produced several songs on Def Jux including Camu Tao’s hit song “Hold the Floor”. Przm rapped and made beats Hip Hop group Spitball. In Columbus many people’s memories of P prolly center around the Fonoslut Hip Hop Night.

P was one of the least judgemental, most exciting,hella talented, and wildly fun people I have ever met in my life. Anyone involved in Columbus Hip Hop definitely learned a lot about Hip Hop and just life in general from being around him.

Here is his myspace.

After the break is an article about the Fonosluts Hip Hop Night that was in the Alive a few years ago.
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Blueprint + Zero Tonight At Cafe Bourbon Street.

Blueprint and Zero Star are performing at So What Wednesdays, which is located at Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus, tonight.
Here is a quick interview I did with Printmatic.

Wes Flexner-What are a few Hip Hop Weeklies that stick out in your mind?
Blueprint-Ohio would be Bernies(Fonosluts) Columbus #1, and Topcats #2. They were the best hiphop nights I’ve ever been to for different reasons…Bernies was rowdy on some youth angst clash of cultures type shit, and the music was really diverse. Topcats was dope only because it was the only outlet in a city with no outlets, and because people used to get regulated on so quickly. A lot more beatdowns at Topcats, but a lot more classic hiphop moments at Bernies. Topcats also had that straight edge, grafitti writer, hip hop head, meets g rapper element to it. That was the last place I battled at with regularity because you could guarantee it would be against somebody who hadn’t heard of me.Bernies was a place you had to earn respect before you got the mic at, and Topcats wasn’t really.

WF-How long did Top Cats go on for? I know Bernies went on for like 6 years.
Blueprint-Top cats was about 5 years.

WF-Girls Girls Girls. Why do most Hip Hop nights struggle on the girl tip?
Blueprint-Because dudes who aren’t around enough women put hiphop nights together. Most dudes don’t even acknowledge the fun factor, and the fun factor runs hand in hand with the female factor. If the women come to your event then you’re doing something right. Not that it has to be girly music but its gotta be something normal people ie Women can relate to. Dudes just wanna rap and get glory. Girls just wanna have fun. You have to meet somewhere in the middle to get girls out.

After the jump, Print gives hip hop dorks lessons on meeting women. He discusses future music and touring plans, and tells me how Envelope earned the nickname “the white ODB”.

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Take Off Your Clothes

fonosluts @ bernies.jpg

DJ Pos 2 and DJ Lo Zone of legendary dejay crew, the Fonosluts, are joining forces with DJ Detox for a Booty House party at Cafe Bourbon Street’s Hip Hop Night So What Wednesdays. That’s tomorrow.

Booty house is the ultimate evolution of Hip Hop. The Detroit sound strips Hip Hop of its frivolous elements like self-absorbed technical rhyme schemes… and having to rhyme words in general.
It gives you exactly what you want from rap: bass and cusswords.

Pos 2 and Detox just sent me a Fonosluts Booty House mix by Przm from a Febuary 11th, 2001 Hip Hop Night. 6 freaking years ago.

The mix stands up these days, now that Bmore club, Miami Bass, Detroit Booty House, New Orleans Bounce are all the rage do to Diplo’s influence.

This mix is extra special because it is hosted by the late Columbus Icon/ everyone’s best friend Daymon Dodson aka So What. (So What Wednesdays is named after Daymon, ya dig?)

Listening to Daymon is hilarous. He disses Jay-z. He demands the breakers to get off the the floor.
There was an ongoing war in Columbus Hip Hop community between the bboys and the rest of the Hip Hop scene. Columbus Hip Hoppers would rather look at women dance instead of a bunch a guys rolling around on the floor.

Daymon also chastizes the men of the crowd for staring at girls like a bunch of creeps. I’ts tight cause he keeps telling this girl Laura to dance. There were two Laura’s that hung out around that time. I think its the one that is built in a manner that would historically appeal to rap fans.. It would make sense cause Daymon keeps asking her to get out and dance.

I made out with her a few times so she would get me a ride to my job at Wild Oates in the morning. I wouldn’t sleep with her cause I was sweating this other girl. I didn’t want Laura to feel used. Now that I think about it, she was pretty attractive and I should have showed more initiative…

Nostalgia is a motherfucker.

Anyway, the mix is dope. Daymon is as always, lovable.

Download the mp3 of the mixtape here.

If you like it, go to Bourbon Street tomorrow. It’s free as an mp3.