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Video: Kendrick Lamar “Rigamortis”

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Kendrick Lamar is playing at Skully’s tonight(Friday) in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Lamar is from Compton, and down with Dr. Dre.
The above video is for Rigamortis off of Lamar’s banging Section 80 album.
Lamar is kinda like if you mixed Drake with Andre 3000, and then thru like DJ Quik and, I dunno, Inner-City Griots-era Freestyle Fellowship into mix.

Fabrashay A, DJ Bruni, and DJ Corey Grand are also on the Skullys Show.

MP3: Envelope “I Wanna New Satan”

MP3: Envelope “I Wanna New Satan”

On Envelope’s,  “I Wanna New Satan” one of Columbus’s most beloved rappers proclaims:

“I don’t mean symbolism 666 pentagram.
Most of your evil men aren’t even into that.
They are psychic vampires. They take without giving back.
I want to be the most symbiotic man in rap.”

I think that sums it up.
I could sit here and type out the whole song.  Or you could just listen to it.
If you want to read my review of the Envelope record scroll down to the bottom of the Other Paper’ s Local Round-Up Section.

Envelope will release his new EP, that features “I Wanna New Satan”,  This Could Go Either Way by playing at 8 Record Stores this Saturday, October 15th.

Tonight(Thursday) Envelope will be on CD 102.5’s Independent Playground here in Columbus which airs 11pm to 1 Am.
I will be lurking in the background.

Video- Random Axe feat Roc Marciano “Chewbacca”

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Well, it looks like Chewbacca is a Random Axe fan. He smokes a blunt, does some Tae Chi and then bodies a security guard so he can go rock with Sean Price & Co at Rock The Bells in San Fran.

Chewy later pulls some babes, and politics with Diddy. He prolly copped the Random Axe album here. And then got fitted with a fitted here.


Video: Sean Price “Untitled”

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Sean P drops a little video because he felt like it. If you are going to the Boston Rock the Bells September 10th, Sean Price will be performing with Random Axe from 2:05 to 2:35 pm on the 36 Chamber Stage. To double your Duck Down fix, you  can watch Black Moon on the same stage from 4 to 5:15pm.

Directed/Edited/Filmed by Myster DL

Video: the Catalyst Talks Columbus Hip Hop, Thought Set, Amber Rose and Kicks An Accapella

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Higher Plane TV caught up with Columbus emcee the Catalyst at Summer Jam 614. The Q and A is insightful as the Catalyst talks about the growth of Columbus Hip Hop.

the Catalyst also drops a pretty dope verse.

Bow Down: Hip Hop Started in Ohio

Contrary to conventional wisdom that self-absorbed people talking in riddles over stolen music originated in the South Bronx, a 80 Year-old Springfield,Ohio man claims he invented Rap music in the 1940’s. Thats like 30 plus years before Sugarhill Gang bit their lyrics from the Cold Crush Brothers for “Rappers Delight”. And like 56 years before Ice Cube claimed that Hip Hip was started in California.

Watch the video from the Springfield News Sun here: Rap Started in Ohio

Love gets sent out to to daddy, Springfield, Dayton, Cincinnati. But in the double-o, I represent the C-O.