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Stuart Inamura drops a trailer for an upcoming Columbus skate video reportedly filmed on an IPHONE.
This is not the Loud Pack video I wrote about in the Other Paper but it’s still hardbodied, and hardboiled.

Interview With Freaky Franz

MP3:Freaky Franz-Karl Malone

Freaky Franz aka Franz Lyons is a funny dude. The Columbus skateboarder will disappear for about a month. Then someone will slide you a fashion mag, and he will be modeling. Or you will catch wind he is on tour with Trapped Under Ice. Or He will just appear in a MIA/RYE RYE video.

Anyway, he currently has a local hit poppin’ with his song about getting that mail, Karl Malone.

I caught up with Franz just to soak in a little bit of the game.

How do you feel about these lames handcuffin?

I can’t call it man. I don’t mind it . But don’t cuff a girl who is supposd to be out here gettin it in. Then your just being a ball hog. Hit me on twitter i’ll set them straight @FREAKYFRANZ
If you are Karl Malone then who is John Stockon?

I would say my best friend and dj Cj b.k.a. Cornelieus Jackson (@cjtownsend88)

Do you really play with Utah Jazz on NBA Jam?

Na I’m a cavs fan BROWE but i mean I’m the mail man in real life

How did you end up in that MIA/Rye Rye “Sunshine” video?

It was the last few days of a new york trip and my friend AL hit me up and was there and said they wanted another black skateboarder and so we both went and Mia and Rye Rye thought we were cool so we all just hung out all day.
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MP3: Freaky Franz “Karl Malone”

MP3:Freaky Franz- Karl Malone

Freaky Franz performed “Karl Malone” at last month’s Get Right to 1000 plus. This isn’t pictured above. I actually don’t know where the hell that photo is from. I put it up there cause Lil Eric is in it behind Franz.
However, DW has Freaky Franz’s local hit “Karl Malone” available so your lame-ass can try to swag up before going out on NYE

Follow Freaky Franz on twitter
He is the twenty-eleven Ice T.

Video:Rye Rye Feat MIA & Freaky Franz-Sunshine


Here is a new song by Rye Rye featuring MIA. It is very likable. But mainly I’m posting it because Lil Franz from Columbus has a cameo.

Fly Union-Value Pack

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Fly Union have this drinking squad called the “Rossi Posse”. It centers around drinking Rossi. I think thats why they have drink special at Whud-Up Wednesdays that involves Rossi. Not Sure. But its inexpensive and comes in a large quantity.

 Above is a shaky video of a Fly Union and DJ Giovanny putting people down with the Rossi Posse on the Red Bull Party Bus that CJ Townsend hooked up last month. We basically rolled around drinking in a bus while CJ played various musics, including “Gold Chain” by Fly Union, a song thats has been popular on the blogs. 

All free-loading booze deals aside, Fly Union is back with another download thats been getting burn. Value Pack is a 4 song EP that Fly Union is giving aways.

MP3:Fly Union-Value Pack

2009 Marcon Convention

On May 24th at 4am CJ Townsend and I were so bored that we attended afterparties for the Marcon convention at 4am. I am actually not sure what exactly Marcon is. But I think its a gathering of  swingers that are also into Star Trek, World of Warcraft and Anime from all over the nation. It was a funny way to kill 90 minutes before they kicked me out.

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Ginger Skate Video Premiere Tonight at The Summit

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Iglu is to Columbus skateboarding what Gucci Mane is to being an XTC popping aquitted murderer. I am sure there are some murderers that have killed more people but who cares about them. Last year I interviewed some Iglu and Embassy doods for the Alive before their last video premiere around this time. That video never came out because Franz somehow managed to catch his computer on fire. So this is a different video. It’s called Ginger. I talked to Embassy Boardshop owner Eric Barkow last night. He said the Ginger video is “good”.

You can watch the above trailer if you want to.

Skateboarders Vs. Fixed Gear Bikers

Columbus Power-Violence revivalists, Weedsteeler, once again became the most vocal proponent in the “Punks Should Ride Skateboards Not Bikes” movement with the above declaration. While I applaud the sense of design, culture, history and spelling–fact is gas prices are at 4 nearly dollars a gallon –So I am not sure if Weedsteeler will win this arguement.

But regardless these stickers are funny and available at Embassy Boardshop.

In related Columbus Skateboard hate-mongering; Iglu has a new myspace. The skategang put a bunch of video clips in their blog, like this one:

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M.I.A. in Columbus?

Well. I was at a Wedding in Cincy all weekend. Bro’s before the Year’s Most Crucial Show.. So I missed out. From the text messages and phone calls I received I have gathered this much:

1. Although Soulja Boy is a household name because of “Crank Dat’, he was the opener. And people didn’t really give a shit either way that he performed.

2. MIA’s show was so live that at least 3 members of IGLU and 1 PBJ member got kicked out, and snuck back in at least 4 times for crowd surfing, underage drinking and god knows what else. From everything I gathered MIA was demanding security to let people dance with her on stage. I guess greater 270 turned the Newport into a huge dance riot similar to Get Right.

I am sure this is most photographed for myspace/facebook event in Columbus History. I got these photos from the homie Steve Lieb’s Blog, We Got More Bounce in Columbus.

3. Changed my mind about MIA not being attractive.

4. I also think there should be a remix of “Paper Planes” where I make various weapons noises with my mouth to replace the gunshots. Like the first part would have me making punch sounds maybe I would say “arugam” from Street Fighter first. Then the second part I would make machine gun noises. Eventually I would lead up to making bomb explosion noises.

What? Like I said I missed the show.