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Video: Illogic & Blockhead – “Matter of Minutes”

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Illogic & Blockhead present the first video “Matter of Minutes” off their upcoming ep “Preparing for the Capture” which will be released June 5th. The Ep’s release event doubles as Buggin’ Out’s  1 year-anniversary party, June 8th, at Carabar . To download this song visit Illogic’s bandcamp.

MP3: Illogic & Blockhead – “Anomoly”

MP3: Illogic & Blockhead – Anomoly

Illogic leaked a doozy of a song on his bandcamp as a Christmas gift.  The talented Columbus emcee has been working on an album called Capture the Sun with Aesoprock’s producer Blockhead for awhile now.
They have something like 30 songs done. So not every song could make the record.  So here we have “Anomoly”.  There is no release date or anything formal like that for Capture the Sun. As you could imagine, there are several labels interested in putting out this team-up of underground rap stalwarts.

Illogic did say Slug, LxE and Eyedea’s protege Kristoff Krane have features on Capture the Sun.

Illogic is offering 1/2 off albums from his back catalog on his bandcamp for the holidays as well.

Illogic & Walter Rocktight “Year 8076”

In this weeks The Other Paper there is an article on Walter Rocktight about Year 8076, an album he did with Illogic about 9 years ago but that never saw the light of day until this Tuesday.
Please do not sleep on this one. Year 8076 is a lost Columbus classic.
Makes you wonder how Columbus Hip Hop would be different if this would’ve come out on Rhymesayers Entertainment.
It didn’t and Walter Rockight is still one most slept on producers in Ohio.
Read the story behind the Year 8076 here.
Acquire Year 8076 free on Illogic’s Bandcamp here.

MP3: J. Rawls, Illogic, Ill Poetic & Le For the Uncool “The Passion” + Announce #OhioTakeOver Tourdates

MP3: J-Rawls x Illogic, Ill Poetic x Le For the Uncool “The Passion” (#OHIOTAKEOVERTOUR)

J.Rawls is hitting the road with Illogic, Ill Poetic, and Le For the Uncool to spread the word about his upcoming album The Hip Hop Affect, which drops 5/17.

Dudes are excited so they did a nice song over the intro of the Roots last album to celebrate hitting the road. Listen to “The Passion” and then hit up one of the shows.

Video: Greenhouse “Hello World (Deconstructed)”

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Greenhouse breaks down the making of their song Hello World off of their EP Electric Purgatory 2 out now on Weightless.

From the upcoming Electric Purgatory Part Two: Deconstructed DVD. Edited and directed by Blueprint

Illogic Headlines Columbus Eyedea Tribute Tonight at Carabar


with the recent tragedy and passing of the very talented, and respected emcee Eyedea, the original Kristoff Krane tour has been canceled. We are turning this special night into a benefit/celebration/memory for the life of Micheal Larsen aka Eyedea. Much love and prayers goes out to his friends, family and fans. Please come out to this special event on Sunday October 24th. all proceeds will be going to Michael’s family.

featuring special performances by
Illogic, Alleyes Path, The Midas Touch, Intricate Sunz, Metro and more!!!!!


Sunday October 24th
music starts at 9pm.


REST IN PEACE EYEDEA (November 9, 1981 – October 17, 2010)

If you can’t make it to Carabar but want to donate to Eyedea’s family:
All donations can be directed to Micheal’s Mom, Kathy Averill here.

after the jump Public Wake, and Minnaepolis Tribute Info, and quotes from Eyedea’s mom, Blueprint, Slug, Dj Abilities, and alot more about Eyedea.
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Rest In Peace Eyedea

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Eyedea performing “Even Shadows Have Shadows”.
Minnaepolis emcee Michael “Eyedea” Larson passed away today according to City Pages magazine in Minneapolis.

There is a facebook page set-up to help with funeral costs.

after the jump i ramble about my memory of bumping into Eyedea. And posted some videos that stick out in my mind.
I’m not an expert on Eyedea’s life or music by any means.

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Video:J.Rawls Announces “Ohio Takeover” All-Star Cut

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J. Rawls has been working diligently on a new album, “the Hip Hop Affect”. This is footage of Rawls and Storm 900 mixing a Posse Cut called “We’re on Top”#Ohio Takeover. Its of note that the song has the 3rd, Illogic, Mhz, Tonya Morgan, Fly U, Le, Mood, Stalley, Count Bass D and more working together. So many generations and lanes.

MP3:Blueprint-Who EP

MP3:Blueprint-Who EP

Blueprint’s latest EP has him sampling the Who EP. So you Rock N Rollerz might light this one. The bulk of the content is Print discussing how he worked hard to get where he is at when other people had different ideas. Donewaiting readers might take note of track 3, “See Thru”, Print’s lo-fi song, where he shouts out DJ Przm, TNV and PHS. Illogic is on Track 5, “Pain” in which Print revisits the Teenage Wasteland sample he used on Illogic’s “1000 Whispers” and then Best Buy told him he wasn’t allowed to when Weightless reissued Celestial Clockwork through Raptivism.
There are three versions of Blueprint Who. This is the free version. To purchase or look for more info please check www.weightless.net.

Blueprint is currently on tour With Atmosphere, DJ Rare Groove, Budos and Grieves
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RJD2 Remix Contest

RJD2 dropped the Inversions of the Colossus a few weeks ago. It has unreleased joints, as well as remixes, and instrumentals off of the Colossus.
RJD2 announced a remix contest for his song “the Glow”. The winner will be a b-side to a digital single alongside a Flosstradamus remix. You can get the stems and enter the contest at RJD2Remix.com.

Also RJD2 is giving away two remixss on his facebook page.
There is a Bassnectar remix of “A Son’s Cycle” feat The Catalyst, Illogic and NP
and a Candy Panther remix of “The Glow”
here is pretty good feature on RJ in Paste Magazine.