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MP3:L.e. For the Uncool-The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

MP3:L.e For The Uncool-The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Columbus emcee Le for the Uncool gives a quick follow-up the Measure.
This quick 15 minute ep is produced by J Rawls, Path, Rashad Thomas, & Grimmface and guests the Milk N Syrup guys. Somehow it manages to ask people pay homage, have lo-fi moments, referance Malcolm X, bring the X-Files to Harlem in Mobb Deepish story form, announce that Le is a hood dude that has taste instead being a “hype beast” and end with soul sample driven love song..

The second song, thePath joint, was seriously made on Wednesday, cause Meta4ce and i shot thru the session after hitting the Vegan Potluck at the St. James Tavern. Fabrshay-A is on the song not Meta. And Fab rips it. It was cool to see a few rappers trade stories and different time periods of Columbus rap.

Columbus rap is doing well, b.

Video:J.Rawls Announces “Ohio Takeover” All-Star Cut

YouTube Preview Image

J. Rawls has been working diligently on a new album, “the Hip Hop Affect”. This is footage of Rawls and Storm 900 mixing a Posse Cut called “We’re on Top”#Ohio Takeover. Its of note that the song has the 3rd, Illogic, Mhz, Tonya Morgan, Fly U, Le, Mood, Stalley, Count Bass D and more working together. So many generations and lanes.

MP3:Trav Dave-I’m Me(Produced By J-Rawls)

MP3:Trav Dave-I’m Me(Produced By J-Rawls)
This song “I’m me” by Columbus rapper Trav Dave is produced by J-Rawls. It will give you that classic I-N-I Pete Rock era-feel. The MP3 didnt come with a picture so a google effort came up with Trav kicking it with the Blue Man group. I hear they put on a good show.
Be on the look-out for Trav Dave’s Ep soon.

Video:Stalley(Produced by J.Rawls)-Babblin’

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Ohio Native Stalley teams up with Columbus’ one and only, Mr. J. Rawls for Babblin’. Filmed in Louisiana, this video is ill because it has Stalley at the wreckage of Katrina and also in tourist areas. Kind of a reminder that 1)the world constantly goes to party, and leave their debris in New Orleans. When I lived down there, it used to trip me out that they had casinos and all this tourist money coming in, but none of the money seemed to get to the schools. Louisiana was always last or next to last in education. Which leads to the real point of this video, 2)that New Orleans is still suffering from the Katrina related neglect and people still pass through not giving fuck.

You can download Stalley’s “The Autobiography” on his Bandcamp..
And always peace to Mr. J.Rawls.
(also peep the Jay Electronica cameo)

Columbus Memorial Day Eve Dance Parties

Alot of things poppin off Tonight, Usual Suspects @ Ravari, Sweatin/Rad Dogs Party @ Wall Street and Milk Bar’s O-gee @ Due Ameaci


More info on Memorial Day EVE Parties after the jump
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Stalley Interview or.. Hi Columbus & SXSW meet Stalley

YouTube Preview Image

This is a Stalley video for his song S.T.A.L.L.E.Y. off the upcoming Ski Beatz Mixtape, 24 Hour Karate School which also features Mos Def, the Cool Kids, Jay Electronica, Curren$y, Jim Jones,Nicole Wray and more, out March 30th. This video has various people rocking Stalley’s trademark beard.

No he isn’t from Philly.

Stalley is from Massillon. Thinks about that for a second. He has already dropped a jazzhop mixtape called Mad Stalley:The Autobiography that would make Scott Storch beg to rejoin the Organix Roots and not be funny and has a bunch of projects with whose who in modern Low End Theory land on deck.

But he isn’t from Philly or Queens.
Fucking Massillon.

Stalley is performing in Austin for South By Southwest this year:

March 18-SXSW Urb Magazine Showcase Light Bar,

March 19-SXSW  Last Rights Showcase Firehouse Lounge .

March 20-SXSW Kenny Dorham’s Backyard.

For this interview, we talked Massillon sports, Hip Hop, Islam, Ohio weather, Jamaica, J-Rawls, and mainly how the fuck someone goes from small-town Ohio to being Dame Dash’s latest discovery. You should read it. He is from Massillon and is in a rap group with Mos Def, Curren$y, and Jay Electronica called Central Edge Territory.

Have you been to Massillon?

ME:We are in Columbus, which is close to Massillon. I know you got you’re thing going on in Cleveland with Terry Urban and them. But I’m going to try to get Columbus up to speed. You grew up in Massilon your whole life?

Stalley:I grew up in Massillon until High School  I left Massillon when I went away to college That’s when I left.

So you played for the Massillon basketball team. Sports is big up there uh?

Yeah. Football is huge. As everyone in Ohio usually knows. If they do know about Massillon that’s what they know is football Continue reading

New Lone Catalyst Video-Make It Better

YouTube Preview Image

I spoke to the world’s nicest man in Hip Hop today J-Rawls, today. He told me that Lone Catalyst had a new video. The clip pays homage to classic Hip Hop records, and makes a nod Krs-One’s “My Philosphy” . Peep the cameo by DJ Detox’s hands towards the middle. And myself at the very end. I was really drunk that night so I am thankful that the audio doesn’t exist to the public.

J Rawls & Middle Child Release Party Tonight In Columbus

MP3:Usual Suspects Preview of J.Rawls & Middle Child‘s New Album

Columbus R+B Singer, Middle Child and internationally known producer J. Rawls are celebrating the release of their new album, Rawls & Middle.  The picture above has Middle addressing a panel that Talib Kweli and I sat in on at Millenium Community School about a year ago.  On the Rawl’s & Middle album, the song “Music Over Madness”  pretty much details what the outspoken singer had to say that day about the current state of Hip Hop Commercial Radio.  Rawls is sitting down,  grinning in the back. Rawls is the guy in a white hat and striped polo for those playing along at home that don’t pay attention Hip Hop much.

The release party is at Club Karma Tonight in Downtown Columbus.  Eric Roberson is also perfoming

Read more about Rawls & Middle in the Alive or the Dispatch.


J-Rawls, Columbus Hip Hop Pay Tribute to J Dilla.

J-Rawls is taking part in a J-Dilla Tribute Night here in Columbus at So What Wednesdays.The show will consist of Blueprint, Rawls, Ill Poetic, the Rhythm Section and K81 showcasing their own production. Following the showcase Detox, and Pos 2 will spin Dilla songs. (The Detroit Producer passed Feb 10,2006)

I caught up with Rawls the other day and asked him what Dilla beats were his favorite. He had just returned to Columbus from L.A.. He was in Cali to take part in another J Dilla Tribute Show with The Stones Throw Crew and the Beat Junkies on the 9th.
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Mavlus Funk+Soul Party at The Cove Tonight

Scotty Cockblock(Sweatin,Invented Columbus Hardcore) and DC Kareem(Get Right/MilkBar) are throwing a new Funk Party tonight with Columbus Hip Hop Pioneer DJ True Skills in the limelight. True Skills(Adrian Willis) has some of most curious, peregrine psychedelic funk records I have heard. Its like a weed brigadeiros for your body’s internal rhythmic response mechanisms.

After the Jump. 1 Important Fact about DJ True Skills.

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