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Video: Copywrite Featuring the MHz “Mega Mega”

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Copywrite, Jakki, the ghost of Camu and Tage rapping at the Carabar here in Columbus.

This song is off the Life and Times of Peter Nelson available at the finer record stores everywhere.

Columbus Hip Hop History:Groove Shack Documentary

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Groove Shack was a record store here in the Short North from 1994-97. Pretty much everyone like MHZ(Copy, Camu, RJD2, Tage, Jakki), JRawls, the 3rd, Illogic put in time there.
Groove Shack is where Columbus scene that eventually got noticed internationally with the help of indie labels like Def Jux, Rhymesayers, Fondle Em, Groove Attack, Rawkus and Eastern Conference was built upon.
The owners made a documentary about the spot.
This documentary is being screened this week.
Thursday, November 18th at the Gateway Theater 1550 North High Street Columbus, OH 43201
The showing is from 730-930.
to be exact.

I saw the screening at Madlab, and the footage is priceless. Just watch the trailers..
The movie has a couple flaws, but it is not to be missed.

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Mhz 1st Freestyle on Stretch & Bobbie

MP3:Mhz freestyle 98 on the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show 89.9

(Via The Bustown Stomp)

Writing about the MHZ is weird for Donewaiting.com cause, do I say…RJD2’s rap group. Do I say the late Camu Tao’s rap group? Copywrite’s?

Regardless, on what would be the rock fan’s reference point, the Mhz spawned a good chunk of what Columbus Hip Hop became nationally recognized for.

The above freestyle was from when Tage, Camu and Copy apprearred on Stretch & Bobbito. We had been for years savoring bootlegs of the infuential NYC radio show.

I mean Columbus rappers were on the same show that had become infamous because of Big L and Jay-z freestyles? The same show that broke Wu-Tang’s first single?

I just being amazed how many times they said Columbus during this program. Still bugs me out listening to it now.

It was like….”Bobbito knows where Columbus is…no way.”