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MP3: Jay Electronica – “Dear Moleskine”

MP3: Jay_Electronica_-_Dear_Moleskine

You want to know a really clever way of speaking on the world’s indifference?

Jay Electronica : “Dr. Phil told me I could sell crack or hit the army.”- Dear Moleskines. 2009. He finally leaked the song in it’s entirety. Maybe his Roc Nation debut is on it’s way? If so, can we cancel the rest of rap and get on with it already?

DJ Detox’s Donewaiting’s 9th Anniversary Hip Hop Mix


Footnote to Donewaiting’s 9th Anniversary: P.Blackk & DJ Bruni (above) almost had to cancel their performance because someone ran a stop sign when Blackk was headed back the venue.  Zero Star (below) performed with a 102 degree fever and a tension headache.  One person on twitter described the evening like this “@wesflexner  if @Zerostar82 was Jordan with the flu, last night was @PBlackk‘s Willis Reed moment @aceofcupsbar

Under the picture of P.Blackk is a DJ Detox’s Donewaiting’s 9th Anniversary Hip Hop MIX.  It has music by P. Blackk and Zero Star mixed in with Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Talib Kweli, Jay Electronica, Mos Def & more. For Tracklist visit DJ Detox’s Soundcloud page.


Zero Star & Pos 2

MP3:Jay Electronica “Call Of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)” feat. Mobb Deep

MP3: Jay Electronica Ft Mobb Deep-Call Of Duty

Jay Electronica brings Mobb Deep in the studio for “Call of Duty”. This is big, because Jay Electronica’s Roc Nation big homie Jay-z and Mobb Deep have had an adversarial relationship which has included everything from Jay-z putting unflattering pictures of Mobb Deep on the Summerjam screen to Prodigy claiming that JZ is a tool of the illuminati.

And now Mobb Deep is telling people to put their “Diamonds in the Sky” on this one.

Video: Jay Electronica “Dimethyltryptamine “

YouTube Preview Image

Jay Electronica who has been a little quiet since signing to Roc Nation finally reemerges with a video for “Dimethyltryptamine”. If you love Biggie and the X-Files than this will one of the best songs you have ever heard in your life. Soooo glad he finally released a video for this. And apparently he shot this video in Napal.

Third World sci-fi with political commentary embedded in the paranoia. Watch the video. Here are some of the lyrics:

“Who split atoms and give mushrooms to civilians
Hiroshima never recovered and all the evidence was smothered
Under a thick cloud of rubble
The pope is his brother
The hillsides is his mother
That statue with the torch and still eyes is his lover
She’s a harlot, who stood still like time while New York turned scarlet
And the levee monster sucked up New Orleans
While they was playin’ man vs. man in Afghanistan
With they mind on Iran, Iraq and Sudan
Let him recruit you, he will try to use his powers to seduce you
Just let him think that the feeling is mutual
Because if he found out that you already knew
The atom had a positive, a negative and a neutral
He’ll probably salute you
Then wait till you turn your back like a coward and shoot you
People this shit is crucial”

2010 Show Memories: Damn, I guess living in Columbus isn’t so bad.

When I sat down to recount my year, I hadn’t even really registered what I got to see. All my friends moved away. I pretty  was miserable.

I spent the majority of the year hanging out by myself.

But now looking back, I was really fortunate this year.

I got to see the Black Keys spread love and become one of the biggest rock bands in America. RJD2 played our 7 Year Anniversary. Jay Electronica came to town and did a really intimate show then got signed 7-8 months later by Jay-z to Roc Nation. I solicited Wavves’ opinion on Psychedelic Horseshit.  I witnessed  what Dame Dash’s guy, Currensy ,was doing the night Jay Electronica signed with Jay-z.  I talked to Bone after a nationally publicized arrest. Well, read away if you want.

1.The Black Keys Lifestyles Community Center August 13th

photo credit-ME

The image source of this tattoo is  from  the cover of Chulahoma,  an ep by the Black Keys. It is on the body of a female that had a family member die of cancer.   The finger pointing it out belongs to Mary Stormer,  Key’s drummer Patrick Carney’s mother.  Mary Stormer’s son and Patrick’s brother,  Michael created the image that is tattooed on this girl.  The girl got this tattoo because Chulahoma was what got her through hard times.

The tribute to Junior Kimbrough IS a blues record.

Mary Stormer, and I explained to the girl that the band would really appreciate this.  Mrs. Stormer told me to take a picture and send it to Michael. The band was onstage so they couldn’t give the girl a hug. Continue reading

MP3: Jay Electronica “Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) feat Tone Treasure”

MP3:Jay Electronica- Jazzmataz

Jay Electronica is rocking over the same Group Home loop that Blueprint used on an interlude on thee Envelope album Sharkbolt.

I think it is impossible for anyone to not make me happy when they state the world weighs 6 Sextillion Tons.

Seriously, say 6 Sextillion around anyone worth a shit, and they will smile. abbracradabra.

MP3:Jay Electronica-Shiny Suit Theory (Feat. Jay-z, The Dream & Charlotte Gainsbourg)

MP3:Jay Electronica-Shiny Suit Theory (Feat. Jay Z, The Dream & Charlotte Gainsbourg)

Jay Electronica, Jay-z The Dream and Charlotte Gainsbourg rapping over a loop Pete Rock sampled. Really doesn’t need a description further I don’t think. Listen.

MP3:Jay Electronica-The Announcement (ft. John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

MP3:Jay Electronica – The Announcement
Jay Electronica twittered a mp3 link to announce he signed to Jay-z’s Roc Nation Not Quite Millionaires
Song is real weird but aye so is Jay
here are the lyrics just for Jay Elect’s verse not President Kennedy

My view is aerial
Your crew inferior
My crew imperial
Mc Killers
Milk & Serial
Get it?
Forget it.
You’ll still be connecting the dots with smoking holes in your fitted
Those that got it be all at the shows throwing fits
The light from the dynasty sign froze all of the critics and nary a soul got on they frog toes ribbit

Was the night before the coming
Sugar plum candy coated lines for the dummies
Decoded hieroglyphics in the shrines for the mummies
We ain’t illuminati but out eye is on the money

My minds on the scripture
It’s beautiful, i see every line on the picture
So when the leaves Russel and the cock Crowes winter just know that the Black Gods mingled a bit
Then the fingers got pricked
Then the single got picked
Man I’m living out my brain I don’t dream about shit.
If I say dream, I mean Dream, Fresh not Hampton
I got a date with destiny I’m definitely not cancelling

The Stone
The Roc
The Throne
The Elegant Celebration sent tremors through every nation
The Stars aligned like cars at grand central station

Yours Truly,
My duty in obligation: The newly appointed ruler who moved with no observation like W.D.
Say my name on a record, W.W.III
I’ll put you niggas in a box like the WB
Here’s a footnote on the Blueprint
Whoms fucking with We?
Bad grammar
Widescreen panorama
Paranormal activity seen in the camera

So if you want that turmoil
I’ll twitter facebook YouTube worldstar you
Rap radar nah right 2dopeboy you
Your plans is foiled
Your guns is borrowed
We living in tomorrow
A tissue for your sorrows

Jay Electronica Signs With Roc Nation

YouTube Preview Image

According to Miss Info Jay Electronica IS signing to Jay-z’s label Roc Nation. Apparantly they already have a song done called “Shiny Suit Theory” featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg and The Dream.

More info on Miss Info.

Video:Jay Electronica-Live at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago

YouTube Preview Image

Jay Electronica brought a bunch of hippies on stage with him this weekend at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago.
This video has Jay rocking “Googley Eyes” over PaceWon’s 1998 single “I Declare War”, I had forgotten Ski Beatz produced that song until this moment.
Jay transitions into “Eternal Sunshine for A Spotless Mind”, a song where the New Orleans emcee raps for like 9 minutes of loops from the movie of the same name. This performance is enteraining for two reasons. 1)Hippies actually try to dance to a loop from an incredibly depressing movie and no drum. 2)Security starts throwing the crowd off the stage. Jay times it so that half the crowd gets thrown-off while he is saying “you can fit in with the close minded at the sit-ins” then turns around right on when some kid is being violently removed at the exact part where Jay exclaims “fuck rap. fuck that. this god-hop” and raps it in the face of the security.
This video ends with Jay Elect doing an accapella of “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” which has the best literary referancing lyric of 2010 “the flow is so Tolstoy, Fyoder Dostoe , half-oyster, half shrimp fully dressed po boy”.