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Rappers and R+B Singers Answer Jasmine Suillivan’s Ode to Property Destruction

I have been huge fan of the domestic dispute R+B song going back to Sparkle and R. Kelly’s “Be Careful” all the way up to  Kell’s “Real Talk”. The newest wrinkle in the domestic dispute genre is the irrational woman  doing something illegal song. I don’t know if Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” put some influence out there on the industry but being a crazy bitch has really sprung its wings whether its “Fight A Man” by Rihanna or my current favorite song “Bust Your Windows” by Jasmine Suillivan.  Ms. Suillivan basically sings about how she gonna vandalize some doods car. The video is kinda tame compared to Carrie Underwood’s. Jazmine never really fucks up the car. The closet thing she does is shake up a can of spraypaint in front of doods fake Basquiat paintings and then put a line thru them. Maybe MTV has a double standard when it comes to black woman vandalizing vs. Country stars.

YouTube Preview Image

As disappointed as I may be with the video. One thing Miss Underwood didn’t have is response jawns. Trey Songs, Skillz, and Gorilla Zoe have all weighed in about how they feel about a woman fucking up their whip. Trey Song’s  has him singing overthe instrumental letting her know what happen when you mess with a players ride, while Skillz and Zoe prefer to have a dialogue with the deranged R+B singer. Skillz is funny cause he complains about not having insurance. My favorite response record is this remix with the Dream. Cause he tells her its dumb shit and makes fun of her for breaking the window on the side of the car she sits in.

MP3:Jasmine_Sullivan_-_Bust_Your_Windows_Dream Remix