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MP3 premiere: Shane Sweeney – “When I am Empty”

MP3: Shane Sweeney – “When I am Empty”

Donewaiting has been a big supporter of Two Cow Garage since forever. The guys even played DW’s 6-year anniversary show. For those who share our 2Cow enthusiasm, we’ve got the premiere of “When I am Empty,” the second track off Two Cow Garage bassist Shane Sweeney’s debut album, The Finding Time, out next week on Last Chance Records (Little Rock, Ark.). Like his bandmate Micah Schnabel, Sweeney went the minimalist route for his first solo record — just acoustic guitar, creaky chairs and Sweeney’s baritone thumping the bedroom walls. It’s what people talk about when they talk about an “intimate record.”

Shane Sweeney’s Columbus release show is Friday at the Rumba Cafe (10pm, $6) with Todd May (Lilybandits, Mooncussers), Jeff Fernengel (Tree of Snakes) and Nate Linek (The Proms, Raise the Alarm).

The Finding Time is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Last Chance Records’ website, where you can also pre-order clear or blue vinyl (includes digital download).

Friday at Carabar: CDR VIII featuring the True Believers

Reuniting for the first time in 20 years to celebrate the eighth year of Columbus Discount Records’ existence, the True Believers are:

Mike Rep
Tommy Jay
The General
Nudge Squidfish
Carla Lust

I’ll spare you my own version of the True Believers’ back story and instead point you to a description (complete with Amrep corrections) here and a 2005 interview with Mike Rep. Suffice it to say, it’s a pretty big deal that these guys (and girl) are reuniting in two days. Leave it to CDR. Accompanying the True Believers will be the Guinea Worms, Unholy Two, Altered States of the United Snakes and Jeff Fernengel. The show starts at 10pm, and (like all Carabar shows) it’s free.

In related news, Nudge has his own YouTube channel and has been uploading all sorts of insane videos for your viewing pleasure, from an hour-long 1992 V3 show to Tommy Jay and Nudge (“JayFish”) in black hoodies covering “White Rabbit” for the video camera in 2007. You can subscribe and/or check out a sampling after the jump. According to this site, some of these videos will be part of a program at the upcoming Ohio Film+Music Festival. (ht Wumme)
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Super Desserts CD Release Friday

MP3: Wicker Chair

2010 is turning out to be the year of the Super Desserts as Friday sees the boys and girls releasing their second album of the year, Twee As Folk. The new album returns to the path traveled by 2009 ‘s Barefoot in the Disenchanted Forest, with new handmade CD packaging in 7″ vinyl single size and a secret tale to be told by the entire package. Long song titles galore and another batch of pop ditties, this time with more hand-clapped BEATS. The release party is tonight at Wholly Craft at 7, featuring an opening set from none other than Jeff Fernengel.

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YouTube Preview Image

Columbus emcee Zerostar’s video featuring cameos by Envelope, DJ Detox, Jeff Fernagel, myself, Steve Hamilton, Zack Smoozyiak, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids,  Carabar, the Columbus Police, and  Skullys.

Songs off his new ep. Download it below.

MP3:Zerostar:Are We There Yet? EP



Saturday in Columbus: Jeff Fernengel’s Paintings


Now that his painting “Hammered Head” (above) is building-size downtown (corner of Spring and Third), local artist Jeff Fernengel is having an art show this Saturday to present a new collection of wacky yet endearing paintings to the masses.  Expect loads of color, shape-shifting animals with personality, and maybe a spare PBR can here or there.  The show is being held at the Art Exchange, 17 E. Brickel St., in the heart of the Short North.  This free event runs from 7-11pm, and includes free beverages and a performance from Columbus’ Super Desserts around 9pm.