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Justin Timberlake Beatboxing for Brother Ali at the Million Dollar Cowboy in Jackson Hole

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Just peeped this on the Weightless Message Board. Justin Timberlake beatboxing for Brother Ali in Wyoming at a bar called the Million Dollar Cowboy in fucking Wyoming.

For sure dood. Rap is out of control..

It’s Your Boyfriend: R Kelly Review

Ok. The new Kells is so amazing to me that I was surprised it hasn’t been universally heralded as a classic by the critics of the world. But I guess it isn’t, according to metacritic.

In my mind, Justin Timberlake is Radiohead. You know. Anyone with taste would see that its great music.

And if Timberlake is Radiohead, then Kells is Bjork. You know—>acclaimed music by a quirky weirdo pervert. (watch a Matthew Barney movie. I dare you. Thats Bjork’s boo. His films are borderline as bad as Kells’ urinating video)

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It’s Your Boyfriend!!
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