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Vote For Kate Hutson in MTV’s Twitter Jockey Contest

As you may or may not be aware of a Columbus girl, Kate Hutson, is in the running to be MTV’s first Twitter Jockey. They’ve been showing her on MTV and have a billboard with her picture in New York. If Kate wins she gets a job that will pay her 100,000 and have her be the network’s first twitter host
She has been going through a series of challenges in the competition. Today she interviewed Asher Roth. A couple days ago, RJD2 and her held a twitter convo
Anyway to help her win, please vote for Kate here: MTV TJ Voting
Voting ends 5pm Thursday
Follow her:twitter.com/katehutson
Read her tumbler:Kate Hutson’s tumbler

even if you are selfish and don’t care…think about how Kate could help Columbus music gain exposure if she were to win. She has already been riding for Envelope