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DonewaitingTV presents EYE – live at Relay Recording

When we invited the guys in EYE to come record a song for DonewaitingTV at Relay Recording in June, little did we know that they’d blow our minds with a 19-minute epic space-metal jam.

Here is the world premiere of EYE’s “Usurpers/Restorers” from their Kemado Records debut, Center of the Sun.

EYE is Matt Auxier, Matt Bailey, Adam Smith, Brandon Smith

Session notes:
Recorded on June 10, 2012 at Relay Recording Studio
Audio engineer: Jon Fintel
Audio assistant: Roseanne Clariborne
Video producer: Dan Hoffman
Videographers: Dan Hoffman, David Foulk, James McCullars

EYE To Release “Center of the Sun” on Kemado Records April 3

Stream: Rik Rite (via The Obelisk)

In a bit of exciting news today, local “space rockers” EYE announced that their debut full-length Center of the Sun will be released on Kemado Records on April 3rd. Kemado, home to like-minded bands like The Sword, Saviours, and Danava, seems like the perfect host for EYE’s cosmic metal jams. DW writers have loved this record since it first surfaced in October, and the fact that it will now be available on vinyl via an internationally distributed label is thrilling.