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Kid Cudi Appreciation Post


MP3: She Came Along by Sharam featuring Kid Cudi

(EDIT: Turns out that Kid Cudi is not playing the Rothbury Festival after all, oops.  He is embarking on some major touring this summer though, including some European dates and a co-headlining slot on The Great Hangover Tour in July and August.  They play the House of Blues in Cleveland on July 17th, so maybe I’ll see you there?)

Shaker Heights, OH (Cleveland suburb) native Kid Cudi has gained attention from the blogs and from urban radio for his involvement with Kanye West and for his single “Day ‘n Nite,” which has slowly gained momentum for the last six months and is now heard coming from local cars on the regular.  This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by this humble website, as champion for Ohio hip-hop Wes Flexner hit you with a then-new MP3 back in December and some hype for the “Day ‘n Nite” video when it hit BET in February, while our noble boss man Rob Duffy reported on Cudi’s performance with Kanye at SXSW 2009.  As you can see, the excitement has been building around me and I can’t wait to see him live.  The man seems to be inspiring new mainstream-ish excitement for Ohio hip-hop, so I’m interested to see how he progresses with the release of his official debut album, “Man on the Moon: The Guardians,” currently slated for August 25th.

Video footage from February 2009 (youtubed by http://illroots.com/)

YouTube Preview Image

Kid Cudi-Day N Nite (Official Video)


Cleveland Stand-up! Ohio Stand-up!

Kanye West & Kid Cudi debut premiered this video for the 106 & Park teeny boppers on BET earlier today. OhTen rep, Kid Cudi’s Day N Nite has been floating around blogs and dancefloors forever. Day N Nite has already had remixed by the Crookers and had a remix featuring Jim Jones.

Even though its old as hell, I am assuming they were waiting until Kanye’s 808 & Hearthbreaks dropped to give Cudi his proper push.

I am assuming that now they have a video then 107.5 play isn’t far-off.
(this might have the legs of a bi-polar depressed Paper Planes.)

I found it onKanye’s Blog

Kid Cudi-Super Boo MP3

MP3:Kid Cudi-Super Boo

If you heard Kid Cudi’s blog hit, Day N Night, and then peeped Kanye’s latest album 808 Heartbreaks, that features Kid Cudi then you know Kanye is catching a lot of influence off of the Cleveland Native. I am really suprised Kanye didnt have a fidget house song on his album. Anywho, Super-Boo is Cudi’s new jawn about meeting a girl who actually has her mind right. He mainly raps on this one so maybe he only sings when he is sad.

Can I Get A Late Pass on 88-Keys’ Adam Case Files?


MP3: 88 Keys: Adam Case Files Mixtapes

I was in the honorable DJ Detox’s automobile, and out the speakers Cleveland R+B singer Kid Cudi’s croons.

“She pretty pretty. But she dumb as a rock.
But honestly see she is all I got.
She is very genuine. Very feminine.
But when we are on the phone I think her brain is sleeping in.
I tried to tell her friends. But they are as dumb as her.
Birds of a feather. I guess. But that makes makes it worse.”

I am like what the fuck is this bee. He is like this is “Wasting My Minutes” on the new 88 Keys mixtape.
I am like that dood who used to produce Mos Def, Grafh and Wordsworth makes funny music?

So I go home and google dood. 88 Keys has an album coming out called “the Death of Adam” in October overseen by Kanye West. The premise is that his boy Adam died in pursuit of humping girls. This is 88’s tribute to Adam.

The above mixtape download has 88 Keys previewing some of Adam’s encounters with the women as told by Grafh, Cudi, Tonya Morgan, and Guilty Simpson.

Imagine neo-soul/Native Tongueish Hip Hop mixed with iono ,pitched up Yacht Rock, and funny as fuck in the humor of Kanye’s Gold Digger.