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Well. We May Be A Fly-Over State Again But….

There is so much going this weekend.

The biggest event will be today when this year’s Wexner Prize winner, Annie Leibovitz and Rolling Stone Publisher Jann S. Wenner will have a public conversation tonight @ the Wex @ 5:30 pm. More information and tickets here.

This event comes on the eve of Annie Leibovitz receiving the 14th Annual Wexner Prize, Saturday.

After Leibovitz receives her Wexner Prize during a private ceremony; The Wexner Center will celebrate it’s 23rd Year with a Gen Wex sponsored party called Last Shot which will feature DJ Venus XHailing from Harlem, Venus has been embraced by the music and art world because her eclectic blend of regional and worldly music whether it be electronic or traditional, with Hip Hop, pop and other musics.

Whatever the genre, Venus chop and screws, and utilizes various other song altering process to make the experience unique and exhilarating for the audience. Get Right’s DJ Detox will join Venus in making people have fun. TIcket info here.
For the story about the Annie Leibovitz-Keith Haring at the top  of the page and more stuff going in Columbus please jump.

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Video: El-P – “Tougher Colder Killer” ft. Killer Mike & Despot

YouTube Preview Image

Dear Donewaiting reader. I am sorry for posting 3 El-P related items in the past few days. While I historically have been a fan of Company Flow, and El’s solo work I feel like without a disclaimer it may appear that I am dick rider and maybe even someone who should’nt be allowed to dress himself. I think it is called being a herb.

But the above video has not been posted many places because New York is currently in a monsoon. Also Killer Mike is on the song and he is performing at Ace of Cups November 9th with Envelope and Path in Columbus. read more Continue reading

Killer Mike & Envelope & Path @ Ace of Cups in Columbus November 9th

YouTube Preview Image

Killer Mike is playing Ace of Cups in Columbus, Ohio November 9th.

Killer Mike’s El-P produced album “R.A.P Music” is easily one of the best albums of the year as it captures a down south everyman spirit with the bombastic conviction of early 90’s Public Enemy.  So this was already a good show.

And it just got better as Envelope and Path have been added as the local support.

$13 in advance/$15 day of show. For more info visit Benco Presents.

After the jump revisit Envelope’s video for “You Want Me To Go” ft. Nikki Portman.

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Video: Killer Mike – “Reagan”

YouTube Preview Image


C.I.A? See Killer Mike ain’t kidding. Well I don’t agree with his dissmissing of Obama; this new video for his  Reagan song makes some good points about Iran-Contra.

Killer Mike will be in Columbus, November 9th @ Ace of Cups.

Download: Sweet Valley – “Eternal Champ”

Credit: Dan Monick

Download: Sweet Valley – Eternal Champ

Ok, Sweet Valley is hold-up. Wait. Ok.

So Nathan Williams of Wavves put out some records, toured the world and then bought himself a house. His lil bro bro was Kynan chillin’ at their parents San Diego crib-o making electronic pop music. Nathan Williams told Kynan Williams that he would let him move out of his parent’s spot and into the new crib  for free under the condition that Kynan would work on this Sweet Valley project with him.  I guess they bonded over Shadow, Dipset, Dilla and DJ Screw. The press release doesn’t say that Nathan smoked Kynan out. It does say Kynan is 5 years’ younger than Nathan and Nathan did not want Kynan to steal his weed.

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Watch: Killer Mike – “Untitled” Ft. Scar / Tour Dates With GZA, Bear Hands & Sweet Valley

YouTube Preview Image

Killer Mike drops a video for Untitled ft. Scar from his EL-P Produced album R.A.P. Music which is in stores now.
Video Credits and Tourdates with the GZA, Bear Hands and Sweet Valley after the jump

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Video: Killer Mike – “Untitled” Yours Truly Session

YouTube Preview Image

For this Yours Truly session Killer Mike visits Tuff Cut Sound in Burbank to perform the El-P produced “Untitled”.

This song is off Killer Mike’s album “R.A.P. Music” and is about being a grown-ass Southern man who is going to rap his song and doesn’t have time for the bullshit. I only descibed it that way because the intensity of this video session is felt when you watch it.

Adult Swim’s “The Eric Andre Show” Announces Live Tour

YouTube Preview Image

Above is a video of Killer Mike playing hypeman at to an opera singer on The Eric Andre Show. I never thought anyone could top Cam’ron & Opera Steve at the Apollo but the Adult Swim  late night variety, public access program based in an alternate reality might just have.

According to Vice, The Eric Andre Show is going on tour with musical guests, real and fake celebrity appearances, and all of the demented antics like the video of Killer Mike above.

Tourdates and another clip from the Eric Andre Show after the jump

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Video: Killer Mike – “Big Beast” (ft. Bun B, T.I.)

Killer Mike’s  video  for Big Beast meets somewhere between incarcerated rapper/cannibal Big Lurch, and a Robert Rodriguez movie.  The video for  Big Beast is directed by Thomas C. Bingham. The song itself is off of Killer Mike’s new album R.A.P. Music which is produced by El-P who makes a cameo as the driver rocking a Ronald Reagan mask.

Video and tourdates after the jump:

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Killer Mike Discusses Books With Himanshu of Das Racist

YouTube Preview Image

Killer Mike recommends some books to Heems of Das Racist and discusses other things for the RAP SHOW.