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Killer Mike Talks Political Action With Alternet

If you have streamed the new Killer Mike album over at Spin then you know Killer Mike & El-P delivered an angry record. Killer Mike spoke with Alter-net about why he is politically active.

JES: What do you think are the most important things to be outspoken about and involved with?

KM: As an American, I feel that we’re trading in our rights for safety. I’ve seen too many things pass in the past 10 years that have limited the rights of Americans. And people need to know, I’m not a political zealot, but yo, I want everybody to be politically active, but I want people to have the freedom to do what they want to do. The reason I’m such an asshole about politics is because: I like smoking. I think you should be able to go to strip clubs. I don’t care if you wanna marry the same sex. Whatever you want to do is cool, as long as you’re not infringing on other people.

But on a very local and very personal level, black males are the highest unemployed people in this country. When we talk about “unemployment is at 9 percent” and that’s shocking, but black males are at 16 and 17 percent, and that is a problem. Prisons are [privatized] and they profit when they lock these boys up—and if you can’t get a job, you’re going to sell petty drugs or do petty crime, but you’re gonna get major time. That’s not right. There needs to be a job program for young men who look like me. I think that [people should] start investing in small localized businesses, be it franchises, fast food, liquor stores, whatever will give people in the community jobs. I have to think in terms of my community, because I’m one of these young men. That’s my reality in terms of the political process. As an American, I want my rights not to be limited.

As an African American, I want the freedom and opportunity that’s promised in the Constitution, that you can get well-paying jobs when young men are working, young women are working, families stay together, communities become better.

Video: Killer Mike & El-P Discuss Trayvon Martin, C4C, T.I. & Smoking Weed With Your Mom

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Killer Mike & El-P discuss why their new album “R.A.P. Music” is political with Noisey. It’s not all serious. Noisey also has a video of Killer Mike calling his mom and discussing weed.

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after the jump watch Killer Mike & El-P talk about Cancer 4 Cure , T.I., Bun  B & more.

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SXSW Wednesday 2012 Pt. 2: Killer Mike R.A.P Music SXSW Showcase (Mobb Deep, Wavves, Trash Talk + More)

Killer Mike + El-P at Killer Mike’s “R.A.P. Music Party” at Luestre Pearl

I am at an internet cafe and my computer is almost dead. more thoro at some later point.

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Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music SXSW Party Is Amazing

Killer Mike’s SXSW Showcase is fucking ignorant. Prodigy of Mobb Deep? Trash Talk? Wavves? Action Bronson?
MR. MFN eXquire?
And then Killer Mike unveils his new album with special guests? EGADS

Video: Killer Mike Says New Album “Will Make You Punch a Reindeer In the Face”

Is 2012 Killer Mike  on some 1991 Ice Cube ish? He told the Mix Show.com‘s that his new album produced by El-P, R.A.P. Music is so hard that it will  “make you punch a reindeer in the race” and go “murder smurfs”.  I happen to like smurfs and reindeer however I do not like lames.

So if the smurfs and reindeers get punched then I would imagine the bloodsuckers, and cocksuckers get bodied. He thinks rap went soft but he ain’t blaming the kids. He is blaming the cowards. WEEEEEERD.


Video:Killer Mike “Burn”

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Johanne Merserle, the Bay Area Transit Cop that murdered Oscar Grant was released from jail today.
News of this led to protests in the Bay Area.

Outkast affiliate Killer Mike dropped a video for his song “Burn” that features Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Curren$y, and others standing in solidarity with Oscar Grant’s family.

“Burn” is on Killer Mike’s album Pl3dge which was released by T.I.’s Grand Hustle Imprint.

If you miss the days of Public Enemy and early Ice Cube then don’t sleep on this one.