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Hell City Tattoo Fest; Interview with Kim Saigh


The Hell City Tattoo Fest is going on this weekend at the convention center in Columbus. We did a quick walk through last night before the Jane’s Addiction show and it looks to be a really great festival for those into tattooing. We didn’t even enter the main exhibit hall (you have to buy tickets for that) but there is plenty to see/do/buy in the lobby and there is a room where about two dozen tattoo artists are painting on canvas including Guy Aitchison. One of the featured artists is an old friend of mine, Kim Saigh, who appeared on the first three seasons of L.A. Ink.

I talked to Kim a few weeks ago for a feature in this month’s MELT Magazine. Because the type is a little small on the MELT page, you can read the interview that is in MELT after the jump.
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